Naruto the Live Action Movie: When Fans Outshine Professionals!

News culture Naruto the Live Action Movie: When Fans Outshine Professionals!

The current trend is for popular Live Action adaptations of Shonen. Nicky Larson, Gunnm, Cowboy Bebop and soon the One Piece series… a large number of well-known Japanese works have experienced live-action adaptations. Naruto, however, are missing. What if Masashi Kishimoto’s manga also had the honors of an adaptation? A fan imagines the trailer for this hypothetical film.


  • Naruto in a nutshell
  • Ambitious fan fiction
  • The fox demon in the cinema

Naruto in a nutshell

Naruto is a manga created by Masashi Kishimoto and pre-published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump between 1999 and 2014. He was one of One Piece’s main rivals during the period commonly referred to as the “Second Golden Age of Jump”. Naruto is an orphan who grows up alone in a ninja universe. Indeed, he harbors within him a monstrous power that frightens all the inhabitants of the great village of Konoha. This little boy is the host of the fox demon “Kyubi”. This same demon ravaged the village twelve years before, then was sealed into Naruto. The boy then decides to become a ninja and even Hokage, in order to be recognized by all the inhabitants.

With close to 250 million prints, Naruto is one of the best-selling comics in the world. In France, the manga is published by Kana and has 72 volumes. The anime is separated into 2 separate series. “Naruto” tackles the childhood of the ninja during 220 episodes. “Naruto Shippuden” deals with his coming of age for 500 episodes. A sequel is also underway in both manga and anime. This new saga highlights Naruto’s son… Boruto.

Ambitious fan fiction

Cryptic is a YouTube channel offering fan made trailers made from special effects and costumes created on other channels. Two weeks ago, Cryptic presented us with the trailer for a Live Action film adapted from Naruto. It must be admitted that the proposed excerpt is particularly impressive, especially when compared to other adaptation projects, even professional ones, of the same genre.

Naruto the Movie draws from the different arcs of the Shippuden series. We thus see Obito, Madara and Itachi in reincarnated form, versions of the characters appearing at the end of the manga, as well as Hidan and Kakuzu present only in the first 100 episodes. We are therefore not in front of a transposition to the comma near the manga or the anime, but in front of a trailer knowing how to draw from the source material to have fun.

Naruto the Live Action Movie: When Fans Outshine Professionals!

The fox demon in the cinema

Victim of its own success, Naruto was entitled to no less than 12 animated feature films, without forgetting “Boruto: Naruto, the film” which introduces the adventures of the son of the fox demon. It should be noted that none of the films are connected to the main frame of the manga.

The manga should however have the honors of an adaptation in real shots, according to Daniel Richtman, a Hollywood insider. The construction site would have started in 2015 with the production company Lionsgate at the controls. The insider’s script being considered unsatisfactory, the latter would have been replaced by the brothers Jon and Erich Hoeber (Red 1 and 2) before Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50,…) came in to complete the script. The production, post to which we find Avi Arad (Ghost in The Shell, The Amazing Spiderman), would currently be in full casting, an Asian casting according to the declarations. Since then, no announcement has been made whatsoever on the choice of actors and actresses and the cancellation or progress of the project.

Naruto the Live Action Movie: When Fans Outshine Professionals!

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