Naruto: The perfect cosplay of Tsunade Senju does exist and it is that of this artist – Senpai

Tsunade Senju She is not just one of the most amazing shinobi women to ever exist in Naruto and anime in general, but it is also a character loved and replicated by hundreds of fans who have sought bring the Fifth Hokage to life through the cosplay.

The artist Jannet (@jannetincosplay on Instagram) is one of the fans of Hashirama’s granddaughter who has known how to use all her talent to create the anime cosplay perfect of this empowered, intelligent and amazingly powerful woman from the ninja world created by Masashi Kishimoto.

In the Pictures of Naruto Then you will notice in detail how well elaborated this characterization is that, since it is the Fifth Hokage itself, we could also consider it as a sexy cosplay.

Photo: Instagram – @jannetincosplay

As you can see, every detail is quite perfect, starting with the wardrobe that looks identical to that of the Fifth Hokage of the Leaf Village, in addition to the pendant or necklace belonging to the First Hokage that would have passed into the hands of Dan Kato, but after his death, he kept the Kunoichi and later gave it to the beloved Naruto.

Photo: Instagram – @jannetincosplay

In this second photograph of the cosplay of anime, let’s pay attention to details such as the characteristic Yin seal that the character carries on the forehead, as well as the hair that this time is an incredible wig made by the same cosplayer.

Also in this second image a glass cup is added referring to Tsunade’s enormous taste for the drink, especially for sake.

Do you consider this the cosplay Tsunade’s perfect, or have you seen a better characterization of the Fifth Hokage?


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