Naruto: The perfect pokémon companion of each member of Akatsuki

The world of Naruto it’s packed with memorable ninjas, from heroes like Naruto and Sasuke to characters that appear only a few times like Pakkun. Sometimes these ninjas turn to the dark side, which is represented in the world as the Akatsuki, whose mission changes often, but which usually consists of kidnapping and killing the Jinchuriki.

Pokémon taken as a whole appears to be much more kid-friendly than all the death and murder of the ninja world, until fans read the Pokédex entries. With so many similarities between Akatsuki members and certain Pokémon, the following are the perfect pairs between missing-nin and Pokémon.

10 Deidara could have made Claydol with his explosive clay

Deidara is one of the first Akatsuki members that fans meet in Naruto: Shippuden . This high-flying explosives lover focuses on two things: art and destruction. He is also quite intelligent, and is often capable of fooling his opponents. Using explosive clay, Deidara creates chakra-infused creatures that can explode whenever he wants.

His perfect companion is Claydol, a third generation ground / psychic type Pokémon. This clay doll is based on ancient statues. Additionally, Claydol can learn Self-Destruction and Blast.

9 Hidan can use Bisharp’s blades to collect blood naruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 1

Hidan, a Jashin-worshiping ninja, grew up in a village that turned its back on the ninja path in favor of tourism. After murdering many of the ninjas in his village, Hidan left to join his fellow Jashinists and, later, the akatsuki. His special ability is to use the blood of his enemies against them through self-sacrifice and to be practically immortal.

The perfect companion for Hidan would be Bisharp, the Blade Sword Pokémon. Covered head to toe in blades, Bisharp is an excellent fighter and could help Hidan collect blood for his Jashin rituals.

8 Itachi and Corviknight would make a fan favorite team naruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 2

One of the most beloved and recognized members of the Akatsuki, Itachi Uchiha is Sasuke’s older brother and the one responsible for the murder of the entire Uchiha clan. With a wide range of techniques ranging from powerful genjutsu to disastrous fire-based jutsu, Itachi is one of the oldest members of the group.

Corviknight works as your perfect Pokémon companion because Itachi already uses ravens as companions and summons. With Corviknight’s immense strength, especially in his Dynamax form, he would fit in very well with Itachi, although a Corviknight might not agree with the murder of the clan.

7 Kakuzu is to humans what Rotom is to household appliances naruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 3

Virtually no longer dead, Kakuzu was the only other member of the Zombie Combo with Hidan due to his ability to live through drastic damage. Kakuzu is shown fully stitched due to his ability to add hearts to himself, giving him access to the immense powers of the heart’s original owners. This makes him extremely versatile as a fighter.

Rotom, an Electric / Ghost-type Pokémon, is a solid companion for Kakuzu because it is also undead and can adapt to a variety of elements just like Kakuzu. Rotom is to electronics what Kakuzu is to the human body.

6 A couple of sharks, Kisame takes the water and Garchomp the land naruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 4

Kisame, a clear rival to the Might Guy and Killer Bee, is a former member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist as a wielder of Samehada and most of all, a shark man. When he merged with Samehada, he was able to become a sharp and fast sharkman with an increased healing factor.

Garchomp is the perfect companion for Kisame, although some believe they are related. Covered in spikes and sporting a hammerhead shark head, Garchomp is a pseudo-legendary land shark that could stand up to even the Might Guy.

5 Konan and Kartana use paper slices to kill their enemies naruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 5

A former student of Jiraiya and one of the founders of the Akatsuki, Konan is a mysterious character, as she has never been told her own story, except as part of Nagato and Pain’s. His characteristic combat style is the use of paper, which began as origami but evolved to mimic environments and part of a lake.

There is no Pokémon more perfect for Konan than Kartana, a literally origami creature that uses its limbs as extremely sharp swords. His blades are sharp enough to cut through steel, and he is misunderstood, just like Konan.

4 Nagato is a husk with a soul just like Coursela naruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 6

Having had a life similar to Naruto’s – beginning his life as an orphan, being trained by Jiraiya alongside Konan and Yahiko, and possessing immense power – Nagato was poised to become the savior of the ninja world before being crushed by reality. . Using his friend’s corpse, he killed Jiraiya and destroyed Konohagakure, only to be stopped by Naruto’s kindness.

Coursela is a high-level partner for Nagato. Introduced in Pokémon : Espada and Shield , Coursela evolves from the Corsola Galariana, which has been left behind by the retreat of the ocean. In his loss, he gained a new evolution of a spirit broken into a shell, which is how Nagato felt until she met Naruto.

3 Orochimaru would love to work with Zygarde and his cells naruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 7

Orochimaru is one of the most infamous ninjas in the world of Naruto . He has been a Sanin, a member of the Anbu Black Ops, a member of the Akatsuki, a terrorist, and even a father. He uses snakes as his main summons, but he also uses various versions of revival jutsu. Orochimaru is also an incredibly skilled scientist, one of the most reputable in the entire world.

Although many would choose Arbok or Sandaconda, Zygarde is the perfect companion for Orochimaru, representing both his serpentine aspect, in his 50% form, and his science aspect.

2 Both Sasori and Mimikyu are sad puppetsnaruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 8

Sasori is one of the best puppeteers in the Hidden Sand Village, inheriting the natural ability of his lineage, which includes Grandmother Chiyo. After the death of his parents, he would create his first puppets, which resembled his parents, which led him down a dark path of adaptation from humans to puppets.

For his partner, there are many puppet Pokémon, but Mimikyu fits the profile because of his background. They both have sad stories and became puppets to try to fix the emptiness of their souls, although Mimikyu cries more than Sasori.

1 Obito and Phantump died as children and became Tree-Kin naruto el companero pokemon perfecto de cada miembro de akatsuki 9

Obito, aka Tobi, sometimes aka Zetsu, has a long history in the universe of Naruto . As Kakashi’s former teammate and Minato’s student, he was always a headstrong with a hidden power that came too late. After dying as a child to save Kakashi and Rin, he was revived by Madara Uchiha to undertake a new quest to end all the pain in the world.

Literally, the spirits of dead children who possessed a tree stump, Phantump, and Obito have a lot in common, such as controlling wood and being much nicer than they appear in their new forms.