Naruto: the public started to hate Sakura from this scene

naruto is a manga who rocked our childhood, with a lot of characters colorful. The vast majority become endearingeven the bad guys all of which have good reasons. But this is not the case for all the characters, like sakura. But where does the hate to the third member of the legendary new trio ? Explanation.

naruto : Sakura the worst character?

Sakura Haruno has always been one of the most controversial characters in manga naruto. Most fans have very strong opinions about her, her background, her role in the plot, and her personality in general. In effect, she suffers a lot from the comparison and character development with his two friends, Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke is a genius and is the author’s favorite character, Naruto is “cursed” but Sakura… is Sakura. It’s her banality that defines her, despite being the smartest character of the trio and kneading her chakra much better than the other two, saving her a lot of energy. There is even a term to talk about the hatred that this character generates: Sakura Bashing. Whatever side of the character you don’t like, it’s probably rooted in a specific scene from the anime.

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In fgeneral, this source is in the third episode of the series Naruto: “Sasuke and Sakura, Friends or Foes? In this episode beginning the relationship between our three characters, Sakura openly mocks Naruto for his bad behavior and attributes his annoying personality to the fact… that he doesn’t have parents. At this precise moment, the viewer has already written off Sakura and puts her in the “arrogant and insensitive” category. since he already knows about Naruto’s difficult past and his love-hate relationship with the village. He once had empathy for Naruto, and knows he loves Sakura. On the other hand, what we know of Sakura at this time is not very deep: she is the second best student in the class, she is pretty, she loves Sasuke and is happy. She really does not have any flaws in her life or in her past, or in her behavior at that time. It is therefore very difficult for the viewer to become emotionally attached to her, sinceit will only be truly developed from the arc of the Forest of Death.

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Naruto did worse than Sakura

However, important points about this episode 3 must be put into perspective. Sakura mocking Naruto is one of the most despicable moments in the manga, Naruto isn’t an angel either. The latter decides to usurp the identity of Sasuke to go and question Sakura without her knowing it, taking advantage of Sakura’s feelings towards Sasuke, breaching the trio’s trust. He will even try to ruin Sasuke’s reputation so that she has a lower opinion of him, even trying to kiss him, before being struck with terrible stomach pains. Attacking and manipulating your teammates is perhaps worse than saying what you really think.

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We can go even further. Same if Sakura is privileged who was lucky to be born into a normal family, she’s not totally wrong either. Naruto has been acting obnoxious since the beginning of the manga and trying at all costs to draw attention to himself. If the viewer knows why he is actually doing it, the characters in the manga don’t know and that doesn’t excuse Naruto’s behavior. It affects people, and Sakura makes that clear. The latter genuinely harasses her with romantic advances despite her having made him understand her refusal.. Sakura’s low opinion of Naruto is completely justified., and the action of the main character at that time proves him right. At last, Sasuke will put her in her place, explaining his “disgust” towards her.. In this episode, Sakura will understand that she made a big mistake and that she misjudged Naruto, where the latter will not learn any lesson, except to pay attention to the expiry date of the milk cans. And we’re going to push the envelope even further: Naruto the Worst Hogake in Konoha.

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