Naruto: These are all the Bijū (Tailed Beasts) of the anime

The anime of “Naruto“It is tremendously epic for many things, which above all go through its spectacular ninja battles. Beyond the jutsus and the ‘standard’ Chakra, it must be said that an immense source of power in Masashi Kishimoto’s work derives directly from what is known as Bijū, legendary Tailed Beasts who have a power capable of destroying Hidden Villages in the blink of an eye. Today, precisely, I want to review all these extremely powerful beasts.

Naruto’s bijū are classified based on their number of tails

So, then I leave you with the list of official Bijū of the “Naruto” anime, which, as I have well commented, brings together a series of Tailed Beasts that if they were Pokémon you should throw 400 Ultra Ball at them until you were able to capture them.

Shukaku – Beast with a tail

  • The first of the Bijū is, logically, the legendary one tailed beast.
  • The Shukakuas it is also known, is a beast that was originally sealed in Gaara.
  • Given its number of tails, it is generally considered to be the weakest Bijū of all.
  • Despite the latter, his ability to control the sand gives it truly high defensive capabilities.
Shukaku, the one-tailed beast and the weakest of all the legendary beasts in Naruto

Matatabi – Beast with two tails

  • The second of the Bijū to take into account is the beast of two tails.
  • The Matatabibeing this its name as such, it is about a beast that was sealed inside of Yugito Niifrom Kumogakure.
  • Two interesting features of the Matatabi are the following:
    • owns a great speed and agility in their movements
    • can throw big fireballs thanks to its affinity with said nature
The Matatabi is a Bijū that is characterized by its affinity for fire

Isobu – Beast with three tails

  • Isobu is the beast of three tails from among the Bijū.
  • The isobu He was sealed up to three times in Naruto:
    • The first occasion was introduced in rin nohara
    • The second occasion was introduced into Yagura Karatachithe four Mizukage
    • The third occasion was sealed by the group Akatsukiafter he spent some time in freedom
  • Some features Important aspects of Isobu are the following:
    • Can swim at very high speeds
    • Can roll like a ball and take advantage of the movement to attack opponents
    • Can shoot chakra balls imbued by their affinity to the nature of water
isobu naruto
Isobu is the Bijū of which the most carrier changes are known

Son Goku – Beast with four tails

  • Son Goku is about Naruto’s four-tailed beast, and yes, his mere existence is a direct reference to Dragon Ball.
  • In case the name Son Goku and the four tails weren’t enough, Masashi Kishimoto decided that this Bijū would be sealed inside a character named Roshi.
  • The main features of the four-tailed beast are as follows:
    • owns a enormous physical strength
    • It has the peculiar Fusion Elementwhich derives from their combination of the natures of Earth and Fire Chakra.
son goku naruto
This Naruto Bijū is clearly inspired by the protagonist of Dragon Ball

Kokuō – Beast with five tails

  • This Bijū is the beast that has five tailsmarking just the halfway point between the first four beasts and the second.
  • The Bijū was sealed in Han from Iwagakure.
  • Their main features like a beast with tails are as follows:
    • Can throw chakra balls concentrated
    • It has a great strength and speed that make it easier for you to ram your enemies
kokuo naruto
Kokuō is known as the five-tailed beast from the Naruto anime.

Saiken – Beast with six tails

  • Bijū that corresponds to the numbering of six tails among all the legendary beasts.
  • The Saiken was sealed inside Utakata of Kirigakure.
  • The main features of this tailed beast are:
    • Can shoot chakra balls concentrated
    • Can create all kinds of poisonous substancesharmful and/or corrosive.
The Saiken shows in Naruto its ability to create all kinds of harmful agents

Chōmei – Beast with seven tails

  • This Bijū has a total of seven tails in your body.
  • The Bijū was sealed inside Fu, from Takigakure.
  • The main features of this tailed beast are:
    • Can shoot concentrated chakra balls
    • He is the only one among all the Bijū that has the ability to fly
The Chōmei is characterized by its ability to fly

Gyūki – Beast with eight tails

  • This Bijū is identified by having a total of eight tails different.
  • The Gyūki is a beast with tails that was sealed inside Killer Bfrom Kumogakure.
  • Some features main aspects of Gyūki are:
    • Can create chakra blasts of enormous destructive power.
    • owns a enormous strength as well as horns and tentacles that give him many alternatives when facing his enemies.
    • It is, in theory, the second most powerful tailed beast of all.
Naruto’s eight-tailed beast is one of quite a presence in the anime

Kurama – Beast with nine tails

  • Nine-tailed bijū widely recognized for his Zorro appearance.
  • kurama was sealed inside Naruto Uzumakiwho he resides in for the entirety of the Naruto anime.
  • Some features Kurama’s main ones are the following:
    • His roars are capable of destroying everything around him
    • Can create large chakra balls concentrated thanks to its immense reserves
    • He is able to feel negative emotions of those around you
kurama naruto
Kurama is, by far, the best known Bijū for all those who watch the Naruto anime

Jūbi – Beast with ten tails

  • Bijū created from the combination of Kaguya Otsutsuki and the Tree God of Earth.
  • This beast was originally sealed in Hagoromo and the body of it was trapped in a special Jutsu. These measures were taken due to the threat posed by the beast.
  • Before his death, Hagoromo took an extra step by divide the power of the Beast with ten tails, precisely, into nine different beasts. This gave rise to the birth of all the other Bijū as we meet them in Naruto.
naruto jubi
The beast from which all of Naruto’s other tailed beasts were born

And these are all the tailed beasts or Bijū that you should know about “Naruto”. I have to say that too there is a ‘Zero Tails’ that appears in the movie ‘Lazos’ of “Naruto Shippuden”, but since it does not belong to the main canon of the anime I have chosen to leave it apart. Having said this, I hope that it has served you to review one of the most important parts that one can find in the lore of “Naruto”.

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