‘Naruto’: These Are The Filler Chapters You Can Avoid In Both The Original Anime And ‘Naruto Shippuden’

‘Naruto’ It is one of the star manga that the 2000s left us, which landed with force in Spain and it does not look like the hype is going to go away too soon. The work of Mashashi Kishimoto quickly became one of the flagships of the Weekly Shonen Jump after beginning its serialization in September 1999, and of course the anime adaptation it didn’t take long to arrive.

Speaking like a grandmother waving her cane, nowadays anime producers are increasingly betting on releasing chapters in seasons to give animation studios a break and a little more advantage to the manga to be adapted… But twenty years ago things were a little different and the anime of the day was broadcast continuously, even if this meant reaching the original material already published.

So some anime would come up with a completely different plot and ending (hello, original series of ‘full metal alchemist‘), or they simply adapted as much as possible and closed the series at the point where it touched. And what many others did was fill in with new and original chapters that often did not contribute much to the main plot.

In the case of ‘Naruto’ Y ‘Naruto Shippuden’ we find that of the 720 chapters that make up both series, almost 280 episodes are totally filler or practically filler with some important scene from the manga that even goes unnoticed.

For those who are new to these anime series, the number of chapters of the anime series can impress… So to face the dreaded filler, here we propose a guide to see ‘Naruto’ sticking only to the important girl.


Naruto 2

The first part of the anime is quite close to the manga because there was still a lot of material to be adapted, but towards the end of the first series a lot of filler had to be resorted to in order to give Kishimoto more publication time.

right now you can see ‘Naruto’ in full from the catalogs Prime Video and of Crunchyrollso you don’t have to jump too much between platforms to be able to see all the chapters you want. These would be the chapters that we could skip if we only want to keep the relevant parts of the story and canon according to the manga:

  • Chapter 26 (filling)
  • Chapter 97 (filling)
  • Chapter 101 (filling)
  • Chapters 102 to 106 (‘The Tea Country Escort Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 136 to 141 (‘Research Mission in the Country of Rice Fields’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 142 to 147 (‘Mizuki’s Tracking Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 148 to 151 (‘The Bik?ch? Search Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 152 to 157 (‘The Kurosuki Family Elimination Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 159 and 160 (‘Gosunkugi Capture Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 162 to 167 (‘The Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 169 to 173 (‘Kaima Capture Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 175 and 176 (‘The Buried Gold Excavation Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 178 to 183 (‘The Star Guard Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 187 to 191 (‘The Traveling Vendors Escort Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 195 and 196 (‘The Third Green Beast’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 197 to 201 (‘Konoha Recapture Plans Mission’ arc, full filler)
Naruto 3

  • Chapters 203 to 207 (‘Yakumo Kurama’s Rescue Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 209 to 212 (‘Gantetsu Escort Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 213 to 215 (‘Menma’s Memory Quest Mission’ arc, full filler)
  • Chapters 216 to 220 (‘Sunagakure Support Mission’ arc, filler): This is the last arc before the time jump to ‘Shippuden’, so maybe it’s worth watching to see where it leaves all the characters before the second anime.

‘Naruto Shippuden’

naruto shippuden

This second anime starts a few years after the end of the original series, and reaches 500 chapters, of which more than 180 are completely filler or mixed.

Although technically the last batch of episodes of ‘Naruto Shippuden’ mixes canon and filler material, it is recommended to see them to say goodbye to all the characters and the anime series. These final chapters also end up connecting with ‘Boruto’, so if you want to link another anime, it’s best not to skip them.

For now, ‘Naruto Shippuden’ It is only available in the catalog of Crunchyroll and, like almost all the content on the platform, only in Japanese with subtitles.

This would be the list of chapters of ‘Naruto Shippuden’ that we can skip without missing the most important part of the anime’s plot:

  • Chapters 57 to 71 (Much of the ‘Twelve Ninja Guardians’ arc, filler)
  • Chapters 91 to 112 (Pretty much the entire arc of ‘The Appearance of the Three Tails’, filler)
  • Chapters 144 to 151 (‘The Liberation of the Six-Tails’ arc, filler)
  • Chapters 170 and 171
  • Chapters 176 to 196 (‘Arc of the Past: The Place of Konoha’, filler)
  • Chapters 223 to 242 (‘Paradise Life on a Boat’ arc, filler)
  • Chapters 257 to 260 (filling)
  • Chapter 271 (filling)
  • Chapters 279 to 281
  • Chapters 284 to 295 (Part of ‘The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist’ and ‘Power’, filler)
  • Chapters 303 to 320 (Much of ‘The Fourth Great Ninja War: Aggressors from Beyond’, filler)
naruto shippuden 2

  • Chapters 347 to 361 (filling)
  • Chapters 376 and 377 (filling)
  • Chapters 388 to 390 (filling)
  • Chapters 394 to 413 (filling)
  • Chapters 416 and 417 (filling)
  • Chapters 422 and 423 (filling)
  • Chapters 427 to 450 (filling)
  • Chapters 464 to 468 (filling)
  • Chapters 480 to 483: These episodes are technically original filler for the anime, but they would fall within the last recommendable chapters to finish closing the series completely.