Naruto: These are the most important female characters in the anime

Naruto” is, like many shonen, an anime in which male characters predominate above all and in which mostly these are the ones that set the guidelines of the story. However, the truth is that there are also important female characters in the work of Masashi Kishimoto, both in terms of world creation and power, and I think it is worth reviewing those that deal with franchise codenames.

The Naruto anime has female characters that easily rival the male ones

As always, I do not take into account “boruto” for this article, so you won’t see characters like Sarada. Even so, I think the selection will be quite adequate in relation to what one sees in the hundreds of episodes that make up the “Naruto” anime (BEWARE, IN THE ARTICLE THERE WILL BE SPOILERS OF THE CHARACTERS).


  • If anyone asks me, for me this is the most distinctive proper name of the Naruto anime in terms of female characters.
  • Yes, Sakura is presented as someone with a tremendously hypocritical character and that the only thing she does at the beginning of the story is desperately trying to get Sasuke’s attention.
  • However, if such an interesting character is made later, it is because It completely changes its way of being with the passage of timethus responding both to the different plot twists and to the character’s own evolution.
  • Sakura is obviously iconic for being Sasuke and Naruto’s partner in that genin team commanded by Kakashi that would end up being absolutely key in each and every one of the events of the ninja world in later years.
  • Like a ninja on your part, ends up following in the footsteps of Tsunade and becomes a student of incredible value to the Sannin.
Sakura is easily the most important female character in all of Naruto.


  • The only woman in the trio of legendary Sannin and, just for that, already with an enormous weight in the lore of Naruto and especially of the Hidden Leaf Village.
  • Although at first he appears as a somewhat crazy character and given to drink, just like Jiraiya he ends up being of great relevance to find the balance in the Villa Occulta de la Hoja before all the chaos that is taking shape in the anime of Naruto.
  • tsunade was considered for many years as the most powerful ninja in Narutoderived above all from his jutsus with absurd healing potential as well as physical techniques of great destructive power.
  • As for her role in the Hidden Leaf Village, although at the beginning of everything she appears far from it, she eventually takes a step forward until even take the role of fifth hokage Of the same.
Tsunade is a character whose relevance is constantly increasing in Naruto


  • Hinata is a character whose relevance in the Naruto universe skyrockets exponentiallyespecially since at first he appears as a personality that is only characterized by looking at Naruto himself from afar.
  • As a member of the Hyuga clan, he has the byakkuganone of the three great dojutsus that already makes her a ninja of enormous potential (although with very little determination in her actions at the beginning of the anime).
  • Hinata is another character who ends up taking a step forward as a ninja and with truly important scenes for the anime universeso much so that they have a happy ending… as well as a more tragic one.
hinata byakugan
Hinata becomes self-sufficient eventually, despite her early days.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

  • Imagine that the fourth Ninja War introduces you to someone as crazy as Madara Uchiha only to later, without eating or drinking him, comes this Kaguya who is quietly the most powerful character in the entire naruto universe.
  • Kaguya Otsutsuki is an important character in Naruto not only because she is the final antagonist and definitive of the franchise, but for all the people who have in the construction of the world of Masashi Kishimoto.
  • Defined as ‘The mother of the Chakra‘, it is about a character who is rather considered a kind of deity, precisely because he was the one who created the chakra and who was in charge of dispersing it throughout the world.
  • In addition to being the most powerful character in all of Naruto, he is also characterized by being able to use the Infinite Tsukuyomiwhich is also considered to be the most powerful jutsu in the franchise.
In short: the most powerful character in the entire Naruto lore

Ino Yamanaka

  • A character that, like Sakura, we know firsthand for being someone of great character and who seeks desperate attention from Sasuke.
  • Unlike Sakura, Ino ends up staying in a secondary plane not belonging to Kakashi’s team 7, but even so, he is part of one of the most important secondary groups in all of Naruto along with shikamaru and choji.
  • Ino ends up becoming a ninja of great relevance for Konoha thanks mostly to the ‘mental’ jutsus derived from his clanwhich allow him to do things like steal his mind and insert it into the body of a third party to take control (although leaving his body completely vulnerable in the process).
ino naruto
Ino is one of the most relevant secondary characters in the female presence of Naruto


  • Chiyo is a character with a relevance more than remarkable in the creation of the Naruto universealthough obviously with not as much presence as other characters on the list.
  • One of the actions that defined Chiyo’s presence in the anime was that she is who turns Gaara into a tailed beast wieldersealing the creature in question inside the ninja.
  • On the other hand, it was also well known for her jutsus controlling puppets or even for her ability to create powerful poisonsto the point of saying that only someone like Tsunade was capable of counteracting her creations.
chiyo naruto
Although we know her at an advanced age, she ends up leaving her mark remarkably

kushina uzumaki

  • Naruto’s motherand just for that reason already a character of incredible weight in absolutely everything in relation to the universe of the franchise.
  • Although Kushina is a deceased character from the beginning of the anime’s history, the truth is that as the episodes accumulate, her presence becomes of greater relevance for all the developments that occur around the figure of Naruto.
  • Also, something important to note is that many of the characteristics that make Naruto who he is on a personality level seem to be directly inherited from Kushinahis mother, and not so much from Minato, the father.
kushina uzu
Naruto’s mother is a character who ends up having tremendously emotional moments in the anime


  • A character who, like Naruto’s mother, is deceased for years at the point where the anime begins.
  • The truth is that this is someone whose impact on the work it is more noticeable by the mark it leaves on other characters Not so much for his achievements, which are rather few given the early age at which he loses his life.
  • It is about someone important above all because It is whose death that first feeds Obito’s hatredand what above all launches the Uchiha to become one of the main villains of the Naruto anime.
rin naruto
Rin is a character who ends up having a huge impact on the events of the ninja world wars.

Temari and Tenten

  • Two characters also from a more secondary frameworklike Ino, but with a lower presence and incidence in the anime than the one mentioned.
  • Temari and Tenten are two characters that have its due relevance especially during the first arcs of the Naruto animein which exams and tournaments between genin become relatively constant and allow moments of rivalry to develop easily.
  • Temari is characterized above all by fighting through the use of a great fan that he carries on his back while Tenten has the ability to use a remarkable variety of weapons ninja.

And up to here the ones that I consider the most important ninjas of all “Naruto”. there may be other names such as Konan or Kurenai that you could introduce in the article, but personally I think that these are by far the ones that one has to remember and know about the anime as such. As I have already mentioned, following the ‘shonen’ pattern, there are many more influential male characters in the franchise, but despite this, I think that “Naruto” does a great job of maintaining and introducing female characters that help balance the cast of the work. .

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