Naruto: These are the saddest deaths in anime

Naruto” is an anime whose conflicts only escalate as the adventure of its protagonist progresses, and that implies that little by little some truly sad and tragic deaths accumulate. Indeed, Masashi Kishimoto’s work is not without moments of dramaand it is that ‘with great power comes great responsibility‘. No, I don’t want to combine churros with merinos, so today’s turn is to review, precisely, The saddest deaths of the “Naruto” anime.

Naruto deaths that will leave you sad all week

as you can imagine This list is not completely official or definitive., and that is what I have to do with my subjectivity. However, I think that what is undeniable is that the following deaths of “Naruto” end up getting many of us to the potato.

10 – Rhine

  • The Kakashi and Obito’s partner when they were students, and a character whose death ended up having huge consequences in later years.
  • Despite Kakashi initially refusing to end her life, she manages to make her wishes come true, preventing him from being killed. the beast with tails that he kept inside It ends up being a problem for the future.
  • The big ‘but’ of all this is that his death ends up detonating the abyss into which Obito falls, who survives what seemed to be a first death to end up keeping Madara’s legacy alive. In essence, Rin’s sacrifice, as painful as it was for Kakashi, It ended up being one with quite serious consequences.
Rin’s death in Naruto is one of great sadness and enormous consequences.


  • Konan stars one of the biggest deaths ‘in the shadows’ of all Naruto, in relation to the fact that many of the main characters are barely aware of what the protagonist of the franchise came to fight for.
  • Despite her initial affiliation with the Akatsuki, Konan ends up taking the side of someone with ideals like Narutofacing even enemies like Tobi in order to try to stop the latter’s advances.
  • Unfortunately, Konan loses her life in combat against Tobi himselfremembering in his final moments multiple of Jiraiya’s teachings (yes, he was a student).
konan naruto
Konan has one of the saddest deaths in Naruto

8-Hiruzen Sarutobi

  • The third hokage, a character who exuded empathy and unlike many, understood Naruto’s situation. Because in the face of someone who oozes rejection, it may actually be more helpful to extend a hand.
  • Hiruzen Sarutobi’s moment to shine was especially with Orochimaru’s attack on the village of Konoha. At this moment he faced what was his student and ended up losing his life preventing the villain’s intentions from being culminated.
  • This character is, then, remembered with admiration and sweetness for the rest. A sacrifice that of course is remembered as of great weight in the Naruto anime.
hiruzen sarutobi
The third hokage gives his life for Konoha in a death as sad as tragic

7 – Obito

  • Surely the clearest ‘Naruto goes wrong’ in all anime. Obito is simply the victim of a series of unfortunate incidents throughout his life that end up getting the better of him, leading to an almost irreversible situation of murders and attacks of tremendous violence.
  • Obito stars in that one iconic scene from Kakashi’s past that remains so engraved in everyone’s mind, one in which surprisingly it ends up discovering that he does NOT die.
  • Although it is a villain who commits many crimes, Naruto eventually manages to make him come to his senses. so that he has a final gesture with which he manages to save Kakashi’s life.
obito uchiha
Obito, the sample in Naruto that all redemption is always possible

6 – Zabuza and Haku

  • There may be other more painful deaths than those of these 2, but in Spain we have seen this arc so many times that I think the relationship we have with both characters is deeper than it may seem.
  • Zabuza and Haku are the first major antagonists team 7 facesand they also leave us with some of the best team moments of Sasuke and Naruto himself.
  • But what about Zabuza and Haku? Two characters apparently only dedicated to their work as assassins and without concern for each other. Is it really so? Well no. The final moments of the battle show above all that even someone like Zabuza has a heart that can be accessed.a lesson that Naruto took note of, and that many of us really should.
zabuza and haku
Zabuza and Haku, two enemies with a truly emotional death

5 – Assume

  • A character of which I did not expect that his death could remain so etched in my mindand yet, several years later, here we are still.
  • The teacher of Shikamaru’s team does not have much less the relevance of other characters, and precisely because of the mere fact that it is so sad and tragic it is understood the amazing job you did with this scene Masashi Kishimoto.
  • Asuma’s death at the hands of Hidan is not only sad because of the way in which little by little he finds himself completely defeated, but also because of the final words he leaves to her students and the knowledge that she was going to have a child with Kurenai. Kicking sadness
Asuma has one of the saddest deaths in all of Naruto

4 – Neji Hyuga

  • Neji’s death is definitely one of the hardest to digest, especially since for many he had become a VERY attractive character. In the same way, it makes it very difficult to determine where to place it in this article, I am not going to deceive you.
  • Neji’s death hits hard because of how early one gets to know this character, also being presented as someone quite arrogant and frustrated given the status of his family lineage. Therefore, his death becomes more special.
  • Neji’s sacrifice to save Hinata is living proof of how much the character had changed over the yearsespecially considering someone like Naruto. Undoubtedly, one of the saddest deaths that the anime leaves.
neji naruto
Neji Hyuga dies as a Naruto fan favorite

3 – Minato and Kushina

  • Naruto’s parents, two characters who have been dead for a long time once the anime starts and who still manage to reveal themselves eventually with one of the saddest and most tragic deaths in the entire franchise.
  • basically both they end up sacrificing their life not only to protect the entire Konoha village, but especially Naruto, in whom they end up sealing the nine-tailed fox.
  • As the Naruto anime progresses, it is possible to see how the protagonist finds fragments of their essence that were sealed inside. Naruto ends up having several moments of redemption with his parents that ease that feeling that he never really gets to know them as suchbut despite this the death of both is still one of the saddest anime.

2-Itachi Uchiha

  • Sasuke’s older brother, slave of his lineage and hero in the shadows who for many years was considered one of the greatest murderers and traitors who had never seen the village of Konoha.
  • Itachi Uchiha he literally gives everything for his brotherassassinating his clan before they carry out a dangerous mutiny and thus earning the hatred of everyone, including the brother he wanted to protect.
  • Itachi die up to two times in Naruto, and both are just as sad and tragic in context:
    • On the first occasion, he dies at the hands of Sasuke, being satisfied with how his brother has grown but at the same time unable to find that sincere goodbye that both deserve.
    • On the second occasion, after reviving with Edo Tensei, he did manage to close that circle that had been maintained for years, thus giving him the well-deserved rest that someone of his condition and hard work has more than earned.
naruto itachi
Itachi Uchiha suffers a death wrapped in drama and tragedy

1 – Jiraiya

  • Jiraiya was a pervert, a terrible example at times… but also a character who, in the end, he made himself loved in a special wayand no one knows that feeling better than Naruto himself.
  • It is surely the character that more represents a father figure to Narutoand hence his death in combat was the occasion that left the Konoha ninja the most lost.
  • jiraiya fought bravely against Painbut in the end he was unable to overcome a powerful technique of the Six Paths very difficult to counter for those without access to it.
  • As one of the three legendary Sannin, Jiraiya’s final scene sees him reminiscing about his life, ultimately with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone like Naruto is in the world of ninjas.
Naruto’s teacher stars in the saddest death of all anime

And these are all the deaths in “Naruto” that I think can be considered as ‘the saddest’. Obviously there are other names that could come into play on this list, but in the end someone will always end up being unfairly left out in the eyes of third parties. In any case, the reality is one: “Naruto” was not afraid to write the word ‘tragedy’ in the form of death.

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