Naruto: These are the strongest Forbidden Jutsus (Kinjutsu) in the anime

The world of “Naruto“is packed with all manner of Jutsus of tremendous power, some with the ability to destroy Hidden Villages in their entirety, and as such came to be classified as ‘Forbidden Jutsus‘. These “Naruto” techniques, also known as kinjutsuthey are a crucial part of the lore of the franchise and protagonists in more than one moment of the anime, that’s why Today I want to dedicate myself to reviewing the most outstanding of all these.

What is a Forbidden Jutsu or Kinjutsu in Naruto

Before that, I will review what kind of techniques fall under the category of kinjutsu o Forbidden Jutsus, since there is so much variety that I am NOT going to include them all in the article, only the most prominent ones:

  • jutsu that endanger the life of the user.
  • jutsu that require an immense amount of chakra for the userto the point of putting his life at risk.
  • jutsu that violate the laws of nature.
  • jutsu that require the sacrifice of the life of the user and/or third parties.
  • jutsu that can cause massive destruction.

10 – Jiongu

  • A Forbidden Jutsu that was stolen by kakuzuthe main reason why it became a real threat.
  • Basically, this Jutsu is responsible for turning the user into a kind of ‘doll’ in the sense that his body looks constantly regenerated by all kinds of threads that completely cover it. In addition, it also allows the user store several hearts, which makes it much harder to kill. Without a doubt, it changes the whole idea of ​​life and death.
Jiongu is a Forbidden Jutsu that makes its user practically immortal.

9 – Cursed Seal

  • Emphasizing above all on the Cursed Seal of Heaven and Cursed Seal of Earththis Forbidden Jutsu is the most powerful of Orochimaru’s creations.
  • The operation of this seal is based on granting a mark to the subject that grants it a huge increase in power and even alternate physical forms. However, this physical transformation consumes chakra in such a way that, taken to the extreme, it can even be lethal.
  • The best known user of this Cursed Seal (although there were quite a few more) was Sasuke Uchiha.
sasuke seal
The Cursed Seal is a Forbidden Jutsu that leaves its mark on Naruto

8 – Ninja Art Creation of Rebirth — Force of a Hundred Jutsu

  • A tremendously powerful Justu of regenerative character.
  • This Forbidden Jutsu allows the user to store your chakra for a period of time (maybe even years) for release it suddenly on a certain moment. At that instant, the user receives an increase in power of great caliber that increases their physical strength considerably, and that also activates an instant regeneration that stops any kind of wound (even lethal ones).
  • The best known users of this technique are Tsunade and Sakura.
tsunade jutsu
This Forbidden Jutsu shows one of Tsunade’s greatest displays of power in Naruto

7 – Rasen shuriken

  • The Rasenshuriken is a technique Developed by Naruto Uzumakiso it is one of the few techniques that we see in Naruto become a Forbidden Jutsu.
  • It is a Forbidden Jutsu with the basic Rasengan which has the ability to attack the enemy at the molecular level, which causes its destructive power to be immense.
  • Yet at the same time all that power to make it also harmful to Naruto’s own chakra circuitswhich makes Tsunade end up forbidding him to use it as such.
The Rasenshuriken is one of the most destructive techniques Naruto uses.

6 – The Eight Gates: Eighth Gate

  • Forbidden Jutsu that Claims the user’s life in exchange for a massive power boostsuperior even to the combined strength of several kages.
  • This Jutsu deals with open the eighth and final gate of the chakra flow to push the user to the limit. Might Guy was the one who used this technique in the Naruto anime.
  • By using it, Might Guy was very close to killing Madara Uchihathe most powerful antagonist in all of Naruto until the appearance of Kaguya Otsutsuki.
release formation of the eight gates anime
Might Guy’s Eighth Gate was one of Naruto’s biggest savagery

5 – Izanami

  • A Forbidden Jutsu used by the clan Uchicha and through the Sharingan.
  • This illusory Jutsu (Genjutsu) is tremendously lethal for the following: traps the victim in an infinite loop. How can you escape yourself? Well, the only way to do it is to accept yourself since what happens in genjutsu is something inevitable, otherwise, the user will be forever reliving the same events.
  • The main negative effect of using Izanami is that the user completely loses vision in one of their eyes.
Naruto’s Izanami is one of the most powerful genjutsu of all.

4 – Izanagi

  • A Forbidden Jutsu that only clan members uchiha who own the Sharingan they can use.
  • Basically, it’s about a powerful Genjutsu capable of making a mere illusion become a reality. An extreme use is to overwrite someone’s death as if it never happened.
  • The negative effect of using such a powerful ocular technique is that, precisely, the user completely loses vision in one of their eyes.
Izanagi is the peak power of the Sharingan that we can see in Naruto

3 – Death Demon Consuming Seal

  • A Forbidden Jutsu developed by the Uzumaki clanbut so secret that not even someone like Orochimaru knew, and that he sought to master all existing jutsus.
  • Is about a sealing technique that calls the god of death (Shinigami) and that it takes the life of the user in its use, thus adding one of the requirements to be considered a Forbidden Jutsu.
  • Two known uses of this Jutsu are, on the one hand, with the fourth hokage using it to seal the 9-tails inside Narutoand with the third Hokage using him on Orochimaru to stop his assault on the Hidden Leaf Village.
seal jutsu
Possibly the most powerful sealing Forbidden Jutsu in all of Naruto

2 – Edo Tensei

  • If one speaks in terms of offensive potential, it is clear that there is nothing like edo tensei among the Forbidden Jutsus.
  • The Edo Tensei causes that it is possible to ‘revive’ someone, although what it really does is turn them into a kind of puppet without decision-making power. It is possible to escape from Edo Tensei or make it stop being active, but it is a process that even through different ways becomes complex.
  • Obviously, by bringing dead people back to life, Edo Tensei violates one of the basic laws of naturewhich causes it to automatically become a Forbidden Jutsu.
edo tensei
Edo Tensei Becomes a Constant Presence Forbidden Jutsu in Naruto’s Final Stage

1 – Rinne Tensei

  • This Jutsu can only be performed by those who have the rinnegan.
  • Another requirement of the Jutsu is that requires the sacrifice of the user’s lifehence it is automatically classified as a Forbidden Jutsu or Kinjutsu.
  • The effect of the Jutsu is that literally can bring someone to life (going a little beyond the function of Edo Tensei). Therefore, it is also violating the laws of nature, causing its status as a Forbidden Jutsu to be total.
  • The greatest example of the use of Rinne Tensei was carried out by Nagato, who revived many ninjas in exchange for his own life.
rinne tensei
Nagato made the greatest possible demonstration of the potential of Rinne Tensei in Naruto

and these are all my choices regarding the most powerful Forbidden Jutsus that can be found in “Naruto”. As I have also said, these are by no means all available, since there were more techniques that played with life and death and also a level of destruction that no one should have known about. In any case, these seem to me the most TOP of the franchise.

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