Naruto: These are the strongest Jinchūriki in the anime

In “Naruto“There are many ways to discover that a ninja has gained enormous power: he may be the possessor of a Kekkei Genkai, or it may just be that he had great teachers and a huge dedication in his training as a ninja. It might also be a Jinchūriki, which directly catapults his combat potential in an almost unfair way. And today I want to talk precisely about those unique anime characters.

What is a Jinchūriki in the Naruto anime?

Before going on to list the strongest Jinchūriki in “Naruto” which in the end is what it’s all about, I’ll leave you with a little explanations what these characters are, in case anyone has any doubts:

  • Jinchūriki are essentially humans who have been chosen as ‘containers’ of the Biju.
  • The Biju are legendary tailed beasts possessing enormous destructive power. Therefore, the jinchuriki are people often hated, repudiated and fearedknowing what they harbor inside.
  • While not all are capable, some jinchūriki are skilled enough to access the abilities of the Biju that they hide inside.
  • An important aspect to keep in mind is that if a Jinchūriki sees the Biju extracted from his interior, he will die. Similarly, If a Jinchūriki dies with a Biju inside, the tailed beast will share the same fate.. For this reason, in the face of a huge threat, the Biju can go beyond the control of the Jinchūriki to take the necessary measures in order to continue living.

10 – Kushina Uzumaki

  • We may hardly see anything of Naruto’s mother’s abilities as Jinchūriki, but the truth is that have the 9 tails inside the way she did it is reason enough to consider that she was surely one of the most powerful Biju carriers of all.
  • Surely, one of the events that speaks most in favor of his power and ability as a Jinchūriki is that he did not die instantly after the extraction of his Bijua very rare occurrence among those who house tailed beasts.
Very little of Kushina is seen as a Jinchūriki, but her power can be smelled for miles


  • The Jinchūriki of the 4-tailed beastRoshi is one of the most powerful Biju wielders we’ve seen in the Naruto anime.
  • Although he ends up falling into the hands of Akatsuki, he does not do so before showing that he had definitely achieved Get to use some of your Biju’s abilities.
  • Surely his most powerful and distinctive technique was the one that allowed him to use the element of lavaone of the most destructive at an offensive level within the different chakra natures that exist in Naruto’s lore.
Of course, he is not the most powerful of the jinchūriki, but he is not the weakest either.

8 – Yagura Karatachi

  • Yagura Karatachi is about one of the youngest Kages in all of history and one of the most naturally talented jinchūriki to appear in Naruto.
  • Despite his young age, not only manages to master many of the abilities of the 3-tailed beast that it houses inside, but in itself it is a Ninja with a potential like very few in the lore of Naruto.
  • It’s in your battle against Akatsuki that it is very clear that Yagura Karatachi is a fearsome ninja, and could perfectly occupy the next position in the classification.
3 tailed yagura
Yagura is shown as one of the Jinchūriki with the most potential in all of Naruto

7 – Gaara

  • While it cannot be said that during his time as a jinchūriki he actually gained control of the one-tailed beast, Gaara was introduced early on as a character of fearsome power.
  • The presence of the Biju inside, as well as the hopes of his village, made him Only as a Genin would Gaara’s power already rival that of the main characters. from the series.
  • As Naruto progresses, Gaara’s situation changes drastically by no longer having the 1-tailed beast in his arsenal, but despite this he remains a character of enormous power as he is also one of the youngest Kages in history.
gaara 1 tail
Gaara is not the best example of a Jinchūriki, but he is a powerful Biju wielder

6-Killer B

  • Killer B is the Jinchūriki that first shows that it is possible to establish and cultivate the bond with a Biju.
  • This ninja shows Naruto all that a Jinchūriki is capable of once he gains access to the various abilities a tailed beast possesses, even if he surely makes himself more memorable for not stopping rapping for a single moment.
  • Likewise, given his natural power and the control he has over the 8-tailed beast (one of the most powerful), Killer B is constantly considered a ninja of enormous power, and this is demonstrated in more than one of his combats.
killer b
Killer B is one of the best examples of how a Jinchūriki should develop their abilities

5 – Minato Namikaze

  • Like his son Naruto, Minato becomes the jinchūriki of the 9 tailsKurama, although only for a limited time.
  • With the birth of Naruto, Minato divides Kurama into two parts.sealing one inside him and the other inside Naruto.
  • Despite the fact that in his early death he cannot demonstrate his abilities as a Jinchūriki, once he is revived by the Edo Tensei he shows that It has everything necessary to be one of the most powerful and advanced Jinchūriki in all of Naruto’s lore.. Unquestionably a ninja of enormous capacity and knowledge.
minato 9 tails
Mintao eventually demonstrates his control over the part of Kurama that he sealed inside.

4 – Obito Uchiha

  • obito uchiha he was already one of the strongest characters in Naruto, a situation that was further consolidated after taking control of the 10 tails.
  • Although he had tremendous power as a Jinchūriki, it can be said that to a certain extent, 100% of its capabilities were not seensince his ‘defeat’ came from the intention to believe in Naruto and what he fought for (I have always thought of Obito as a ‘Naruto goes wrong’, due to the parallels in his personality and tragedies).
  • As Jinchūriki of the 10 tails gained access to all sorts of superhuman abilities that one can imagine, ranging from the most instantaneous regeneration to the most overwhelming strength and the most plucking speed.
obito 10 tails
Obito’s power as a Jinchūriki is demonstrated over and over again in the Naruto anime.

3-Madara Uchiha

  • Before becoming a jinchuriki He was already one of the strongest ninjas in the entire history of Narutobut if he also adds to that that he ended up having the 10 tails inside him… little more can be said about Madara Uchiha.
  • As a Jinchūriki of the 10 tails, Madara Uchiha reached such a level of power that required both Naruto and Sasuke to obtain the blessing of the Six Paths to deal with him, otherwise it would have been impossible to continue fighting with him.
  • After gaining the power of the 10 tails, Madara Uchiha acquired absurd abilities such as a instant regeneration ability to any wound. Add to this everything he could previously do with his Uchiha blood, and that clearly makes him the most powerful villain in all of Naruto…with the exception of Kaguya.
madara 10 tails
Madara is one of the most powerful Jinchūriki of all, having the 10 tails inside.

2-Naruto Uzumaki

  • The protagonist of the franchise, and a Jinchūriki who we see constantly developing his relationship with the Biju he hides.
  • Naruto is a character who, although at the beginning of the anime he has no idea of ​​the nature of the power that he harbors within him, by the end of the anime He is able to use all the abilities that Kurama grants him..
  • Also, it must be taken into account that leaving the 10 tails aside, Kurama is considered the most powerful Biju of all. Therefore, if one adds that to all the powers that Naruto ends up developing, it is relatively easy to say that his abilities as a Jinchūriki are only behind those of a particular character.
naruto kurama
Naruto ends up establishing a bond as Jinchūriki that very few have achieved

1 – Hagoromo Otsutsuki

  • I didn’t include it in the article strongest anime characters because with what you can see I decided to give priority to other names, but his status among the jinchūriki is unquestionable.
  • Hagoromo Otsutsuki is the first jinchuriki in the entire Naruto anime storyline and became it after a titanic battle against his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki.
  • Thus, Hagoromo Otsutsuki got seal the 10 tails inside, massively minimizing the threat it posed. Not only that, but also he divided it into the 9 tailed beasts that we know throughout the anime.
  • His incredible power aside, one fascinating achievement of Hagoromo Otsutsuki was that managed to survive for several months after removal and splitting of the 10-tailedwhile most Jinchūriki usually die in a very short time when something like this happens.
Hagoromo Otsutsuki is clearly the best Jinchūriki of all time.

And this is the list that I have assembled with The most powerful Jinchūriki with the greatest potential that the Naruto anime shows us. As always, I’m not the official voice of anything, so some people think that some position is wrong or that there should be a different character or other on the list, feel free to express it as such. In any case, I think at least the names I’ve listed are definitely worth considering.

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