Naruto: These are the strongest jutsus in the anime

In all epic shonen that lends itself, one always ends up finding tremendously powerful attacks, a series of techniques capable of tipping the balance of a combat with its mere use. In “Naruto“, clearly we are talking about the jutsus, those ninja techniques preceded by a series of seals that give way to all kinds of effects of destruction, illusion, regeneration and any kind that one can imagine. For this reason, today I want to review those that are about the strongest Jutsus of all “Naruto”.

What if, when I say all “Naruto” I also include “Naruto Shippuden”, because it’s especially in that part of the anime where everything goes crazy (I don’t include “Boruto” for this). With that said, let’s get started:

10 – Tengai Shinsei

  • The Deva Path of the Rinnegan is of course no joke, since the manipulation of gravity allows techniques of the caliber of the Tengai Shinsei to be unleashed.
  • Basically, the technique is executed with Madara making a series of gestures with his hands while keeping his Susanoo active to attract meteorites from space.
  • The gravitational grip of the technique is such that meteors that are attracted to Earth leave an impact that can wipe out hundreds and even thousands of enemies instantly in seconds.
One of Naruto’s strongest Jutsus allows its user to attract meteors to the surface of the Earth.

9 – Wood Release Sage Art: Several Thousand True Hands

  • This Jutsu is responsible for creating a wooden statue of thousands of hands that presents a colossal size.
  • The dimensions and power of this statue are such that it has the ability to immobilize and retain even tailed beasts.
  • Also, again given its size and strength, it is said to have enough power to crush an entire mountain in one fell swoop.
  • The Jutsu requires such an amount of energy to execute that it forces Hashirama to enter Sage Mode.
wise art wood thousand hands
A technique that even has the power to immobilize a tailed beast

8 – Edo Tensei

  • The Edo Tensei is one of the Forbidden Jutsus and that violates one of the main natural laws: the cycle of life and death.
  • Through Edo Tensei, the user can revive someone who has died. But that’s not all, the revived person comes under the control of the person who used the technique.
  • Revived people also have infinite damage regeneration, and their chakra doesn’t seem to ever empty either.
  • Putting an end to an Edo Tensei, likewise, is not easy at all, since the effect of the technique can remain active even if the original user who used it ends up dying. The main ways that are known to end an Edo Tensei are:
    • Somehow seal the revived person’s soul
    • Make the user of the Edo Tensei cancel the jutsu
    • If the resurrected being maintains its original personality, a strong emotional shock can also cancel the jutsu.
    • The resurrected individual, in a moment of being uncontrolled, can free himself from the technique if he knows how to free himself from it.
edo tensei
Edo Tensei allows you to revive and control the dead

7 – Eighth Gate: The Gate of Death

  • A Jutsu oriented above all to Taijutsu specialists and that grants its user an increase in supernatural power, to the point that it is said that he can stand up to the gods.
  • The human body has 8 key points or gates that limit the flow of chakra through the body. This technique is responsible for eliminating the aforementioned limitations.
  • Upon being under the influence of the Eighth Gate: The Gate of Death, the user’s attacks become completely unappealable. This is something seen in Guy’s match against Madara, which almost saw the latter’s death.
  • The dramatic increase in strength that Death’s Gate grants means that, as its name indicates, the user must give up his life in exchange for the temporary increase in strength. In Guy’s case, however, this ‘payment’ is avoided thanks to Naruto’s Six Paths.
release formation of the eight gates anime
Naruto’s Death Gate Release grants a power boost unmatched in the anime

6 – Six Paths: Super Great Ball Rasen Shuriken

  • Technique that rivals Sasuke’s Arrow of Indra in destructive power and that in this case is used in a unique way by Naruto, thus being his definitive Jutsu.
  • To use this Jutsu, Naruto must be in the Sage Mode of the Six Paths and also fully transformed into Kurama.
  • Subsequently, Naruto will create two clones of this form of Kurama to create what is known as ‘Kurama Asura Mode’, a variant with three heads and six arms.
  • With all these arms, the right side is used to create Wind Release: Super Great Ball Rasen Shuriken and the left side to create Great Ball: Tailed Beast Rasen Shuriken, launching both attacks simultaneously.
six path super big ball rasen shuriken
Naruto’s strongest technique that rivals Sasuke’s Arrow of Indra in power.

5 – Amenominaka

  • A Jutsu used only by Kaguya Otsutsuki that, essentially, what it does is allow teleporting and teleporting others to different dimensions.
  • Kaguya has at her disposal a total of six different dimensions and can shape and alter all reality that occurs on them.
  • The process is done instantly and leaves the victims without the ability to prevent the Jutsu from being performed.
  • Once Kaguya teleports someone to one of her dimensions, it is impossible to trace the victims’ chakra by conventional means.
This Naruto Jutsu grants control over multiple different dimensions

4 – Arrow of Indra

  • This Jutsu is considered to date the most powerful technique ever used by Sasuke in Naruto.
  • The basis is very simple: in order to use it, Sasuke must absorb chakra from each and every one of the tailed beasts.
  • The next step is to channel all that chakra through the Susanoo and condense it into a single arrow with massive destructive power.
  • Sasuke used this Jutsu in his final battle with Naruto, causing an area of ​​destruction that destroyed everything around both ninjas.
arrow of indra
Inddra’s Arrow absorbs chakra from Naruto’s multiple tailed beasts and concentrates it into a single arrow

3 – Chibaku Tensei

  • The Chibaku Tensei is a jutsu that can only be accessed in one way: knowing how to use the Deva Path of the Rinnegan, which allows its user to manipulate gravity at will.
  • Chibaku Tensei allows the creation of a black sphere that the user throws into the sky and which begins to attract everything around it.
  • The idea of ​​the Jutsu is that it traps the enemies in the center of it, thus becoming a prison that is practically impossible to escape.
  • Some notable characters who were temporarily trapped in a Chibaku Tensei are:
    • Naruto and the 9 tails
    • Multiple Bijuu
    • Kaguya Otsutsuki
3 chibaku tensei
The Chibaku Tensei is surely the most powerful Immobilization Jutsu in Naruto.

2 – Kotoamatsukami

  • A genjutsu of such power that only one user of it is known in all of Naruto: Shisui Uchiha.
  • This member of the Uchiha clan was capable of using the Kotoamatsukami, an illusionary technique that allowed him to take complete control of another person.
  • Basically, the Kotoamatsukami user is able to plant all kinds of memories and feelings in the victim to make them believe that they are making decisions on their own, when in fact they do exactly what the Kotoamatsukami user wants.
  • The Kotoamatsukami was so powerful that it could free someone revived by an Edo Tensei to control that person’s mind.
  • The main disadvantage of this jutsu is that, in its use, the user needs to wait 10 years to activate it again.
The Kotoamatsukami is easily the most powerful single genjutsu in all of Naruto.

1 – Infinite Tsukuyomi

  • The Infinite Tsukuyomi is the most powerful Jutsu in all of Naruto, and was originally introduced by Kaguya Otsutsuki.
  • To use the Infinite Tsukuyomi, it is necessary for the user to have an active Rinne Sharingan, which must be reflected on the lunar surface.
  • In exerting the effect of the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the moon, an illusion was projected that covers the entirety of the Earth. The result? All those caught in this genjutsu live permanently in a kind of sleep that actually drains all chakra and life energy from their prey.
infinite tsukuyomi
The Infinite Tsukuyomi is easily the strongest Jutsu in the entire Naruto anime.

And these are the 10 most powerful jutsus that one finds throughout the “Naruto” anime. Obviously there are many other powerful techniques that also deserve their own recognitionsuch as the iconic Susanoo, but I think that the selection I have made is not bad at all on a power scale. Luckily, being an exclusively “Naruto” list and not touching on “Boruto”, this is a collection of Jutsus to trust in the long run.