Naruto: These are the strongest villains in the anime

Naruto“It is, like all good fighting shonen, an anime in which as the episodes continue, power levels end up jumping out the window. Because yes, if we start with Naruto himself making ‘four’ clones, we end up seeing him being able to use each and every one of Kurama’s abilities, that if the Sage mode, the Six Paths… an outrage. And if we talk about atrocities, obviously you have to mention the anime villains.

For this reason, what I am here to do today is to try to find what I think are the strongest villains of the entire “Naruto” anime as well as the correct order in which to place all of these. And if there are those who have a different opinion, share it in the comments, because in the end I have zero authority in the franchise (be careful because, logically, there may be spoilers for the story).

10 – Konan

  • I start the list with a member of the original Akatsuki and someone who has one of the most curious characteristic Jutsus of all, since most of his techniques involve the use of paper.
  • To measure Konan’s power, one must take into account feats such as a Kunoichi who he was close to achieving something that many did not even come close to: killing Obito. If it weren’t for the latter’s Izanagi, another rooster would crow.
  • Konan was someone who trained her peculiar paper technique to the limit, which strengthened it to the point that it even became resistant against Fire Jutsus. Eventually listed as an S rank criminalhe took full advantage of Jiraiya’s training, and he had Pain’s respect.
Konan’s criminal category in Naruto speaks in favor of his dangerousness

9 – Kisame

  • Akatsuki member and one of the Seven Swordsmen of the MistWith this alone, Kisame already has a letter of introduction that would make many of the characters in the Naruto universe tremble.
  • Kisame owns the sword Samehadaa legendary weapon that resonates with his own chakra and allows him barbaric things like regenerating immense amounts of damage.
  • Something that also made Kisame tremendously powerful was the ability he had to execute Water Jutsussurely being one of the most advanced users in this element.
kisame naruto
Kisame instilled fear as one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist from Naruto

8 – Dance

  • An extremely powerful ninja who also has some of the most complex (and dangerous) Jutsus that can be seen, although the truly dangerous thing about him was the ability he had to manipulate third parties as if nothing.
  • If we go in terms of combat, simply saying that Danzo could use the izanagi with his Sharingan is already talking about big words, because few forbidden techniques can really reach the power of this Jutsu.
  • However, Danzo went much further: he had multiple physical modifications that not only gave him Hashirama cells (with which he had a total compatibility) but also had a fan of eyes of Sharingan ‘reserve’. As if all this were not enough, you have at your disposal the Kotoamatsukamisurely the most powerful manipulation technique of all.
dance naruto
Danzo is a villain with an immense amount of resources and great intellect.

7 – Kabutō

  • Kabuto is surely the best disciple truly faithful to Orochimaruand absolutely no one would pass if they were considered even ahead of whoever their teacher was.
  • Kabuto is one of the ninjas that progresses the most in his time in Naruto, going from being what seems like a mere low chunin-jonin level ninja to becoming someone capable of standing up to some of the biggest threats in the entire franchise.
  • Among some of his most notable achievements as a ninja is the perfection of Edo Tenseione of the most dangerous and powerful Forbidden Jutsus in all of Naruto lore.
  • likewise, also study Orochimaru’s techniques in detail to replicate them practically all of them, thus making the power level of both truly similar.
Kabuto eventually emerged from Orochimaru’s shadow to explode as a Naruto villain.

6 – Orochimaru

  • The reason Orochimaru is not higher on this list is that does not possess something that I consider crucial in Naruto’s power levels: a powerful Dojutsu. With this, unless one has the dominated power of a Biju or the like, it seems to me that he always stays a certain distance from a key step.
  • Despite what I say, Orochimaru’s power as a ninja is unquestionable. He is the main villain of the first part of Naruto and a Jutsus researcher like very few, to the point that its presence becomes crucial to open the way to techniques such as Edo Tensei.
  • If one also takes into account his immortality through reincarnationas well as the creation of a Jutsu as complex as the cursed sealit is impossible not to consider Orochimaru as one of the strongest and most decisive villains in the entire history of Naruto.
naruto orochimaru
Orochimaru took the exploration and expansion of Naruto Jutsus to a whole new level.

5 – Pain (Nagato)

  • Pain is one of the villains that completely change the game of Naruto, making the scales of power soar wildly as well as the danger meters of the anime… something that is demonstrated with the death of a character very dear to the fans.
  • One of the ways that speak most quickly for Pain’s power is his rinnegan. He is the owner of the most powerful Dojutsu of all (among the 3 great Dojutsus) and that opened the door to the six paths. With all of his techniques at Pain’s disposal, this made him a truly formidable foe.
  • The greatest proof of Pain’s power was his ability to use the Rinne Tenseia forbidden Jutsu that allowed others to be revived in exchange for one’s own life (with this, Pain revived all those who had fallen during his assault on Konoha).
pain naruto
Pain generates an overwhelming level of destruction among the villains of Naruto

4-Itachi Uchiha

  • Itachi, like Obito, is not a typical villain. However, he does spend most of the time in the anime with this poster, which is why I include him on the list.
  • Itachi Uchiha was a true prodigy even within the Uchiha lineageand one can only wonder what he would have accomplished as a ninja if not for the path he had to take early in his life.
  • Itachi was an exceptional user of Genjutsu They gave him his Sharingan. Thanks to the use of this type of technique, on many occasions he could obtain exactly what he wanted without having to shed a single drop of blood.
  • Itachi managed to develop his Sharingan to Mangekyo Sharingan levels.which also allowed him to use the Susanooone of the most advanced manifestations of power that a Dojutsu can create.
naruto itachi
Itachi and his advanced use of the Sharingan make him one of the most powerful ‘villains’ in Naruto.

3 – Obito Uchiha

  • Obito Uchiha may not have the nature of a villain by the end of his path, but what is undeniable is that during a good part of the final phase of Naruto he becomes an enemy that puts many on the ropes.
  • Two reasons why Obito is in this position: possesses the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegantwo of the three great Dojutsus that open the door for one to tremendously powerful abilities.
  • Among all that I can mention, Obito used (for example) the Kamui, a space-time Jutsu of incredible versatility. Likewise, their capacities towards the six paths they were complete as well, which widened his range of Jutsus abysmal.
  • Nor can it be forgotten that Obito became the Jinchuuriki of the 10 tailswhich automatically gave him absurdly high overall combat capabilities.
obito uchiha
Before ‘changing’, Obito was one of the most powerful villains to appear in Naruto.

2-Madara Uchiha

  • Member of the Uchiha clan, one of the most powerful ninjas of all to exist and the main antagonist of the final phase of the Naruto anime until Kaguya Otsutsuki makes her unexpected appearance.
  • What to say about Madara, because to begin with, he had a collection of Dojutsu like few shinobis have seen: the Eternal Mangekio Sharingan, the Rinnegan and even the Rinne Sharingan.
  • It is precisely as a result of having the latter, that Madara was able to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Only he and Kaguya Otsutsuki had the ability to employ the most powerful Genjutsu of all.
  • Obviously, having the entire selection of Dojutsu that I have listed, Madara had at his disposal an incredible range of different techniques, such as all abilities of the Six Pathsthe Susanoo characteristic of the Uchiha and much more than what made a truly fearsome ninja, and for many the real villain of the Naruto story.
Jump Force
Madara Uchiha had a great weight as one of the main villains of Naruto

1 – Kaguya Otsutsuki

  • There should not be too much doubt that Kaguya Otsutsuki is about the most powerful villain we see in the hundreds of episodes that make up the entirety of Naruto.
  • This character belongs to the most sacred lineage of anime, and is even recognized as the one in charge of creating the chakra’s own energy and even expanding it throughout the Earth.
  • One of Kaguya’s most peculiar abilities, and one that certainly triggers her abilities in terms of power, is that she is capable of creating and molding entire dimensions to your liking. Not only that, but it can also force third parties to be transferred to them, trapping them and making them have to face whatever atrocities are invented.
  • Despite the latter, what is truly scary about Kaguya is her ability to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Being the most powerful Jutsu in all of Naruto, those who can use it by their own action are necessarily the most dangerous of all enemies.
Kaguya is, unquestionably, the most powerful villain (the villain in this case) in all of Naruto.

And these are all the strongest villains that you will find in “Naruto”. Yes, I am aware that there will be someone who mentions characters like Deidara, Hidan or even Zabuza Despite how early it appears in the anime, but for that we each have our own opinions. That being said, what I think cannot be denied is that any of the villains on the list would give many ninjas nightmares.

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