Naruto: They recreate the massacre of the Uchiha clan with a live-action short film

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues with the stories of Naruto, Sasuke and company as a sequel, and it’s been a few years since Shippuden closed the main arch of the young man who was keeping the Nine-Tailed Fox locked up. However, there are such great moments in the original anime and manga that they continue to shock viewers to this day. Moments that, for one reason or another, have left their mark on the entirety of fiction and have even served to have a more specific point of view about some characters. How not, this time we are talking about the massacre that Itachi, Sasuke’s older brother, caused his entire family.

One of the reasons why Sasuke has an eternal hatred for his brother. it is precisely because he was responsible for that extermination of the Uchiha clan. Now, from RE: Anime, the key moment in which Itachi deals the final blow to his parents has been reconstructed, becoming an outcast and one of the few who can master the art of sharingan (whose subsequent evolution is absolutely brutal).

tears are served

RE: Anime has published a very brief short film in which you can see the last conversation of the main character with his parents. Demonstrating that, even in live action, these kinds of moments work just as well. We have repeated it multiple times, but it won’t hurt many majors set in the mime that occurs in the real representation of some anime.

The staging, the costumes, the plans, the slowness of the dialogues to highlight that farewell… Everything works great in this sequence that, unfortunately, has been a bit short for us. This video leaves us wanting more. A scene that completely changed the perspective that we all had of Itachi to date.