Naruto: This Female Orochimaru Cosplay Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Naruto’s villain arrives in cosplay form.

If some anime fans are characterized by something, as we have seen on several occasions, it is by being able to recreate their characters through the cosplays that they have given us. authentic works of art even in video format. And under this same premise, it must be said that, if we take into account both its long duration and its enormous popularity, it is normal that Naruto is one of the ones with the most cosplays.

In this way, if we have recently been able to see that Kakashi and Pakkun have starred in an adorable cosplayit seems that now it is Orochimaru’s turn, being, in this case, the artist and cosplayer miptbioexorcist who has carried it out, as you can see at the end of this news.

Regarding this character, for those who are not familiar, it must be said that he has an enviable resume, since he is a veteran shinobi from Konohagakure, a member of the Hiruzen Team and one of the legendary Sannin, being one of the great antagonists of the series until his death to later be revived by his pupil during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Orochimaru is recreated through cosplay as never seen before

In this way, it can be seen that cosplays don’t have to be limited to just the main leadsthat is, the good ones, since in the villains and antagonists you can also find many ideas to carry out these cosplays, especially when they have such an impressive result.

Also, regarding miptbioexorcist, it must be said that in the past she has proven to be a staunch fan of Naruto, since in the past she has also uploaded cosplays to her profile of other manga and anime characters, including other villains. Therefore, it is to be hoped that this one from Orochimura is not the last one we see. Without further ado, you can see the result below:

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