Naruto: This is the most underrated character in the entire series.

It seems that not even its own author has much appreciation for it…

Naruto: This is the most underrated character in the entire series.

If you have read the latest chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations on MangaPlus by Shueishasurely you have noticed that Sarada Uchiha, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura has been relegated to being the love interest of Boruto, just like what happened with its predecessor. Masashi Kishimoto, author of this franchise, may turn her into a ninja with great potential, wasted by poor character development.

Just like the whole Uchiha clan, Sarada also has the chakra control abilities and the medical ninjutsu that Sakura is teaching him. The ultimate goal of her training with Sakura should be the forbidden Hundred Healing Jutsu, but even her journey to achieve the forehead seal should give her significant benefits from her lineage.

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Boruto and Sarada have been on their way to becoming the main romantic interest in the saga, even if that means limiting their power and potential.

The first and most obvious should be the terrifying brute force that Sakura and Tsunade were known for, which Sarada is already slowly taking over. The second is very fine chakra control that even Sasuke couldn’t master at his age. The ability to optimize the chakra consumption of his jutsus and deliver devastating melee blows gives him the best of his parents’ world.

Similarly, only the Sarada’s Sharingan, coupled with her brute strength and future Hundred Heals mark, would be more than enough power to compete for the title of Hokage if he decides to take it. But that might not be all you’d have to work with; Masashi Kishimoto himself has suggested that Sarada can use the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sarada is a ninja in Naruto

Sarada might be able to use two of the most powerful techniques, both from the Uchiha clan and from her mother, Sakura.

With the constant regeneration that the Hundred Heals would provide, Sarada could offset the worst effects of the Mangekyo Sharingan, or at least use his new abilities with less hassle than other Uchiha. That would give him another strength buff with the Susanoo, not to mention the unique abilities he would unlock in each Mangekyo Sharingan eye.

In Sarada’s case, a full-bodied Susanoo might be unnecessary. in any case. The trend in Boruto has seen the series move away from kaiju-type monsters as the absolute show of power. Jigen’s battle against the gigantic forms of Naruto and Sasuke showed just how obsolete they had become against the Otsutsuki, a foe Sarada might have to continually face.

Sarada’s secret weapon in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

If the rules of a Rasengan work with her the same way, she can compress even a fraction of a full body Susanoo’s chakra leading to explosive force from her more controlled movements. Refraining from using a massive Susanoo would also further reduce the risk of blindness. of the Mangekyo Sharingan, if his Mark of Hundred Heals does not completely remove it.

None of this has been confirmed in Boruto’s manga, so for now, Sarada’s “full potential” remains a fan’s wildest dream. Just imagining how impressive she could be makes her generally lackluster performances even more maddening, especially since she’s arguably more talented than both of her parents at the same age. It will be a difficult task to live up to special cases like Boruto and Kawaki. After all, the future Hokage would be expected to handle threats approaching his power level.

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If Masashi Kishimoto wants to use the full potential of Sarada Uchiha in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, it would be a great twist in the main plot.

In the end, Sarada aims to become the future Hokage just like Naruto did, and she slowly seems to be making progress towards her ultimate goal. However, based on her legacy and the feats she has displayed thus far, she Sarada should be more powerful than she currently is, with the potential to grow exponentially.

Sarada certainly has big boots to fill as the daughter of Konoha’s strongest kunoichi, and one of the most powerful Uchihas to ever live, and a skilled medical ninja. She may have had trouble unlocking and using the Sharingan at first, but after a particularly intense fight with the Kara group’s Boro, Sarada unlocked the third tomoe. A three-tomoe Sharingan is the highest level of maturity most Uchiha reach, which means that all of the enviable eyes’ basic abilities, including imitation jutsu, movement tracking, and genjutsu immunity, are available to her. Despite the obvious benefit of it, the maturation of her eyes is not the ultimate goal of hers. Sarada’s physical strength and experience still need to catch up if Masashi Kishimoto wants it that way..