Naruto: this is the reason why the series has been ruined over time

The way he treats villains may be Naruto’s worst mistake.

It was recently the 20th anniversary of the anime of Naruto and it’s a good time to remember some of the highlights of one of the biggest anime franchises. One of these high points would be the villains, who are famous for being so well-developed and multi-layered.

How to treat villains may be Naruto’s worst mistake

Over the course of history, many of these villains found redemption and comprehensive justifications for their actions. In some cases it really made the characters and overall story much better, but in others it felt quite forced and damaging, which is why this way of telling the story has divided fans of Naruto.

Naruto might have stolen one of his best battles from Cowboy Bebop

Naruto might have stolen one of his best battles from Cowboy Bebop

Many fans seem to agree that many villains did not deserve to be forgiven for Naruto or anyone. All the characters indicated as evil in Naruto they more than earned that label by becoming some of the worst villains in anime. Secondly, the series made sure to ensure that characters portrayed as true villains could even get a second chance.

Zabuza He was the first great villain of the franchise and was a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. In the Land of Waves arc he was hired to kill a bridge builder and was forced to fight Team 7 in order to accomplish his goal. Although it is true that he was a ruthless killer who had no qualms about killing, also seemed to have admittedly heroic moments. It was through her relationship with Hakku that the series redeemed ZabuzaAlthough it was established that he was a cold-blooded killer, he was not all bad.

Kakashi Hatake is a fairly complete ninja, being one of the most interesting characters that Naruto has had.

Kakashi Hatake is a fairly complete ninja, being one of the most interesting characters that Naruto has had.

While it is true that Naruto tried to redeem the villains, it was for many the best move in some cases, such as with Itachi, since for many it did not seem to make much sense in the plot. The series used to make Naruto manage to dissuade the villains from continuing with his evil plans. Unfortunately, his way of doing it is a bit puzzling on many occasions.

For example, Obito was one of the main sources of major conflict within the Naruto franchise. Being he who founded Akatsukitook control of kurama and caused it to invade Konoha and kill both of his parents. He started a whole war and even used Sasuke as a pawn in their plans. As good as his intentions may be, his actions are still heinous.

sasuke retsuden naruto

Sasuke Retsuden is a spin-off of the Naruto franchise that will be available for free on the Manga Plus by Shueisha platform

However, at the end of the main series, Obito he is remembered as a hero for having done a few good deeds before he died. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s worth forgiving. This is the same character responsible for Naruto growing up as a rejected orphan, but suddenly everything is forgiven apparently because the plot demands it. In fact, Obito he is also responsible for manipulating Nagato into attacking the village, which adds another reason why must not be forgiven.

This could be because the series wanted to portray Naruto as kind and kind as possible creating strong contrasts with respect to the main villains. Nonetheless, many of the stories that featured redemption from villains certainly felt deus ex machina. In fact, Naruto sparing Sasuke barely made sense and only worked because the series spent so much time trying to build on that moment.

The Naruto franchise has collaborated with this hotel

The Naruto franchise has collaborated with this hotel

Naruto is a great series with some of the best anime villains. Unfortunately, she tried so hard to make them deep and likeable that she actually made some of them worse characters at the end of it all. By trying to make the villains less bad, the franchise possibly made it difficult that they were labeled as villains, especially since Naruto was willing to forgive just about anyone.