Naruto: this magnificent figurine of Itachi Uchiha is less than 30 euros

You are a fan of naruto and collect figurines? Then you will be delighted to learn that this magnificent figurine of Itachi Uchiha is currently on sale.

naruto’s coolest character

Of all the shonen released in the wake of dragonballmanga naruto by Masashi Kishimoto is naturally among the most cult. The adventures of the young Ninja have fascinated millions of fans around the world, both in print and on the small screen. It must be said that in addition to telling an exciting and hectic story, Kishimoto has created characters as endearing as they are charismatic.

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And when we talk about classy characters, we naturally think of Itachi Uchiha. Older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi killed his entire family, sparing only his younger brother who swore revenge. First perceived as a formidable antagonist, Itachi eventually revealed himself as a hidden hero, who watched over the village of Konoha and his little brother, while remaining in the shadows..

So when we find a sumptuous figurine of this overpowered shinobi, we can only be enthusiastic. This figurine also seems to represent the character well, recognizable by his Akatsuki cape : we can see the crows he uses with his genjutsu techniques, as well as the black flames of the Amaterasu, his favorite technique, and his sharingan.

Naruto this magnificent figurine of Itachi Uchiha is less than

If you like this figurine, then don’t hesitate any longer: it is on sale. Usually sold at 42 euros, it is currently available from 14 euros. This is an offer intended for Fnac members. If you are a fan of My Hero Academiayou can also choose this figurine of Mirio.

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