Naruto: this minimalist Itachi and Sasuke design is perfect as a wallpaper for your mobile

If you are a fan of Naruto and you want to have something related to anime on your mobile phone wallpaper, but at the same time you like simple, minimal and clean designs, don’t worry, sure this fondo de pantalla de Sasuke e Itachi adjusts to your needs. The ideal way to show off a stylish wallpaper without giving up on your inner anime fan.

This Sasuke and Itachi wallpaper shared by a user through the Reddit forums is the perfect metaphor for the rivalry between the two brothers of the Uchiha clan. Faced in the anime and faced in this design, we see that they turn their backs and look in opposite directions. Itachi looks up, while Sasuke faces, or vice versa. In the center we can see the symbol of the Uchiha clan, the only color note in the composition, next to the eyes with the Sharingan ability that both brothers share.

It is a very simple wallpaper to tell the truth, but the minimalist design composition and characters are very attractive to those who like this type of art. The Sasuke and Itachi design with that shading style It is very well achieved and it sure looks great as a mobile phone wallpaper since it will not bother much behind the icons of the apps.

The truth is that Naruto continues to have an enviable popularity, not only because of this fan phenomenon, but also in the face of collaborations with other licenses. Naruto will arrive in Fortnite this week, just as other characters of enormous cultural and entertainment relevance have done. Are you going to miss it?