Naruto: this poster of a member of the Uchiha clan is extremely coveted!

Once you hang this Naruto poster on one of the walls of your home, Itachi will never leave you again, so be careful not to meet his gaze, otherwise you’ll end up in oblivion!

Clan Uchiwa arouses fear across borders, in particular because of the Sharigan. A fearsome pupil that provides its possessor with incredible skills in perception, but also the ability to copy any justsu.

Of course, this Itachi is not deprived of it, quite the contrary even, since it was only at the age of 8 that his own appeared. Which, by the way, will have made him one of the shinobis the most ruthless in narutoin addition to being a key character, whose philosophy remains both admirable and admired.

A poster of Itachi that cracks internet users!

As said just above, Itachi is one of the major protagonists of shonenfirst because its screenplay involvement plays a key role in the unfolding of the story, then, because it conveys some very laudable fundamental ideas, in which many recognize themselves.

If you belong to this category of population who worship to the big brother of Sasukewe unearthed the ultimate accessory to show him a palpable adoration.

Trends International Naruto-Itachi Wall Poster 22.5″ x 34″