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Of all the characters of Naruto, one of the most beloved is undoubtedly the kunoichi Hinata Hyuga, who has managed to enthuse us with her tender but withdrawn personality, as well as the enigmatic design that Masashi Kishimoto gave her. For that reason we loved this cosplay, because it has shown us the warrior with a profile rarely seen in her: one that exploits her inherent sensuality.

The cosplay that Naruto does not want you to see

Back off, dirty Akatsuki! | Image: @val_moon_sw (Instagram)

Seeing the excellent work that the artist Val Moon Loayza has done adapting the character of Masashi Kishimoto, we can only praise the interpretation that he has made of Hinata Hyuga, because in addition to having achieved a characterization at the height of the beautiful konoichi, It has a physical resemblance that allows us to imagine what this warrior would look like in a live action.

In this way, we can see that Val is wearing, in addition to Hinata’s characteristic ninja clothes, an indigo wig and some Faded sky blue lenses that simulate the warrior’s Byakugan.

The cosplay that Naruto does not want you to see | Image: @val_moon_sw (Instagram)

In the following image of the Val Moon Loayza set we can see the enigmatic again kunoichi, although now presented a certainly different profile: disturbed and defiant at the same time, an effect that the artist has achieved by empowering her sensuality in this portrait that pays homage to one of the shonen most important in all of history.

A beautiful interpretation | Image: @val_moon_sw (Instagram)

Val Moon Loayza’s cosplay is an excellent tribute not only to Hinata, but to the entire work of Masashi Kishimoto. Who would have imagined that this taciturn warrior would end her days by the side of the shinobi biggest Konoha has ever seen? We’re sure even Naruto didn’t see it coming.

And you, what do you think of this Hinata Hyuga cosplay?


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