Naruto: This sublime fan-made movie teaches Netflix a real lesson

If there is a manga that is and continues to be very popular in France, this naruto. The community around the work of Masashi Kishimoto is passionate and caring, and does not hesitate to redouble his efforts to honor his manga favorite. One more time with this trailer and this fan movie crazy, they showed what they were capable of.

naruto : the most beautiful fan film to date

We must not forget that naruto it’s a job published in 1999, date of appearance of the first volume and the first plates in the Weekly Shōnen Jump from the publisher Shueisha. Divided into two chapters (naruto and now boruto), is about one of the world’s best-selling manga with 250 million copies published, but it is also one of the best-selling comics of all formats in the world, in front tintin and behind lucky luke, ranking seventh in the world. Such success necessarily generates a lot of enthusiasm and devotion among some fans, who do not hesitate to express your love through different projects.

And among them, we were able to discover throughout 2021 and early 2022 a trailer made by Youtube channel Cryptic, specializing in realistic fan-made trailers. The chain currently has more than 37 million views. The video is a trailer fora fan movie around naruto shippuden. We see most of the main antagonists of the manga in moving and terrifyingly realistic sequences, in particular thanks to with special effects that perform quite well. Thus, the trailer invites us to see the Susano de Sasuke Y Madara, a murderous Itachi of his clan but also a fight sequence of Shikamaru and Asuma against the disgusting Hidan, as well as Obito and of course Naruto. This (too) short video of just one minute will have nothing to envy to the best cinematics of the PlayStation 5.

It’s not his first time

The team behind the Cryptic chain is not on their first try, asregularly makes trailers based on other very important licenses like Pokémon, One Piece, Attack on Titan or even season 2 of squid game, which should arrive soon on our screens. But, nevertheless, it is not the Cryptic chain that is alone behind this project. The latter only reused the images ofanother team of “professional amateurs” in the presence of RE:ANIME’s YouTube channel that some know well. In fact, she’s already at work.a huge 55-minute medium-length film divided into five chapters in the universe of naruto. These tell the story arc based on the relationship between Shikamaru and his mentor Asuma, in his last match against Hidan, authentic monster of the Akatsuki criminal and terrorist association, whose images can be seen in the Cryptic trailer.

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because it is mostly the RE:ANIME channel that did most of the work here. This channel offers many fan movies and AMV shorts in many manga. There are also quick clips like some iconic Saitama fights in One Punch Man, Where some passages from cult manga like Cazador X Cazador, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen The my hero academia. By the way, know that they currently have an ongoing petition to propose to the movie studio. the lions gate an official movie release based on the manga naruto. A petition that has already reached almost 15,000 signatures sure Even if we find it hard to see how this could be organized for simple copyright reasons, we can still salute your impressive work, that the Cryptic trailer knew how to advance a little more on the Internet.