Naruto: this survey reveals readers’ favorite characters, the top 3 will surprise you

One PieceGolgo 13, Dragon Ball, narutoDetective Conan… Even those who do not read manga are familiar of these works ! Selling hundreds of millions of copies around the world, they have become essential pillars of pop culture. It is therefore no surprise thatan XXL poll sought to know which character of naruto is a readers favorite. And the result will surprise you!

But where is Naruto?

Naru Top 99 is a poll popularity of characters from naruto worldwide, to celebrate the anime’s 20th anniversary. First published in 1999, this manga is one of the most popular among readers. The vote currently organized with fans allows them toelect the best Ninja among the 488 protagonists proposed in the survey. Readers participated in droves for the simple reason that Masashi Kishimoto, author of naruto, announced that the character who will be on the top step of the podium will be entitled to his own manga ! This explains the current result of the survey, which is surprising to say the least…

The NARUTO popularity poll has already received 1 MILLION votes. Minato and Itachi are in the lead at the moment!

As a reminder, the winner will be entitled to a One Shot for his spin-off

December 23, 2022

Indeed, as you can see above, Naruto is missing from the Top 3! In second and third positions thrones the Uchiha siblings: Shisuiwho died long before Naruto’s story, and Itachi, who to save Konoha, eliminated his own clan, before infiltrating the Akatsuki, a criminal organization that threatened the Ninja world. On the first step of the podium, we find Minato, the father of Naruto who is also one of the most powerful Ninja of all time. Becoming the Fourth Hokage, he sacrificed himself when Naruto was a baby to save Konoha from Obito and Kyubi’s attack. Very charismatic characters, of immense power, who are sacrificed for the good cause…

Knowing that people will vote for something other than Minato or Madara is terrifying#NARUTOP99

December 17, 2022

Knowing that there is already a manga centered on Naruto, and that two others on Boruto and Sasuke are being published, this could explain that these three characters are not in the top 3 of the poll. Indeed, the vote of the fans is undoubtedly directed by the promise of discover a manga on a secondary character… If you also want to participate, don’t wait too long: the official closing date is January 31, 2023!