Naruto: This was the first design of Naruto in the manga that was discarded by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto is one of the most beloved series in Latin America, since its premiere, it captivated thousands of followers in the world, and it is not for little, when we discover the story behind the creation of Narutowe realize that there was a lot of effort and guidance from other mangakas to get to the work that it is today.

Although it’s hard to believe, Masashi Kishimoto has commented in various interviews that Eiichiro Oda’s guidance in its creation was essential.For this reason, the mangaka of one piece It motivated Kishimoto to carry out Naruto, although according to comments, Oda did not agree with Naruto ending and would have liked to continue watching the series in force.

Thanks to these secrets and comments that Kishimoto has made, we know several things about the origin of the series, one of them the original designs of Sakura Y SasukeOf course, we could not miss the original design of the protagonist of the series and today, we decided to bring it to all of you.

This is what Naruto looked like in the mind of Masashi Kishimoto in 1999.

What makes it different from the current design?

As we have seen in previous designs, the changes are not far from the final designs, although in this case, Naruto does look quite different compared to the other two designs, for one thing, it doesn’t look like a common sketchas was the case with the other two members of team 7, but was originally intended with a backpack, an angry face sticker or patch, and a outfits quite particular.

Even his haircut is different, somewhat disorganized and depending on the perspective, he even looks smallerEven so, it is an incredible first sketch that gives us an understanding of the time and dedication that Kishimoto invested in the protagonist of his work.

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