Naruto: this was the first design of Sakura in the manga that was discarded by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto It is one of the most important animes of the last decades, we have seen over time how it has marked special popularity in Latin Americaespecially for his fans who have even dedicated fan art to the manga series Masashi Kishimotothe latter has also shown several of the original sketches of his characters, this time we want to review the sketches of the beloved Kunoichi de la Hoja.

In them we can see that the essence of the character did not change much, it really is the same ninja that we know in the series, the only thing that changes is that he has his hair up and even something shortthis aspect only happens until the Chunin Exams arc, where Sakura when attacked by the sound ninjas, decides to cut her hair, to save her teammates from team 7.

Even in these sketches we can see the most particular characteristics of Sakura’s personality, such as her alter ego, or her prominent forehead, so Kishimoto had this planned long before and even decided to do an unexpected twist to his appearance. to give some plot depth to the Kunoichi.

This sketch dates from 1999, as far as we know, so the definition of the character was already there long before, and that is that Kishimoto had several manga where he had the opportunity to pose different characters that we would see much later in Narutoat that time, as revealed by the mangaka, Kishimoto had difficulty drawing female characterssomething that over time he knew how to fix with characters like Ino, Hinata and Sakura herself.

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