Naruto: this was the first design of Sasuke in the manga that was discarded by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto It is undoubtedly a work that marked several generations throughout the world, specially in Latin Americawhere it was very well received and is currently the most consolidated anime in the regionHowever, there are many facts that go unnoticed even by the most staunch fan of the work.

Among these data, we have the discarded designs of Sakurawhich Masashi Kishimoto did in the creation of the manga, in these, we saw the great surprise that the changes were not many, perhaps, one or another adjustment in her hairstyle and hairbut the essence of the Kunoichi is intact, now, we bring the first mangaka designs with one of the most loved and hated characters in the series, we mean Sasuke.

From the hateful look to the symbol of his clan, all these details were already landed in Masashi Kishimoto’s mind.

The renegade leaf ninja had his pre-manga design, this one, we see that it has a somewhat strange necklace and that its protective band is much larger than in the final versionalthough the most characteristic features of their outfit did not change, from the ninja footwear, the implements where they keep the Kunai, as well as the typical arm covers of their outfits.

The design is so successful that even the iconic fan of the Uchiha was planned since thenAgain, as with Sakura’s design, there aren’t many changes from the original version to this one, so Kishimoto had a pretty good idea of ​​what he wanted for his main leads.

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