Naruto: Three artists from Germany bring Sakura, Ino and Temari to life in this sexy cosplay

Naruto not only has he left us important lessons and incredible battles, but also beautiful kunoichis like Sakura, Ino and Temari who have gathered in a sexy cosplay where the three girls from Konoha agreed to match their costumes.

The shinobi world is full of talented and beautiful ninjas who have stood out for their strength and skills as well as their undeniable beauty, although there is no doubt that the most incredible and beautiful of all live in the Leaf Village.

Hinata, Tenten, the Fifth Hokage, Sakura, Ino and Temari who although she is from the Sand Village, now resides in Konoha as Shikamaru’s wife and Shikadai’s mother, so we could consider that she is already more of a kunoichi of the Sunagakure’s leaf, which is why she has also become good friends with Haruno and Yamanaka, and reason why they appear together in this great cosplay of anime.

Photo: Instagram – @kamikazecosplay

As you can see, the three kunoichis have put aside their classic clothes to put on the same outfit, all in black, made up of a crop top, mini skirt, and a “blouse” as well as fishnet stockings that are quite close to what many shinobi wear under their uniform.

Although of course each one wears its own characteristic stamp in this anime cosplay. For example, Sakura wears her pink hair parted in the middle and we can see that she has the Byakugou mark on her forehead, Temari wears her characteristic two-tailed hairstyle as well as her ninja band around her neck, and Ino wears the hairstyle that she wears at end of naruto shippuden where he leaves aside the hair ponytail and lets go of his long blonde hair but keeping the fringe.

What do you think of this sexy cosplay of Sakura, Temari and Ino?


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