Naruto: to watch the anime with his girlfriend, he creates this ultra-condensed version of 135h

For several years, many anime have been making an impression. dragonball, naruto or One Piececult anime that still continues in different forms. Dragon Ball Super for the first, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations for the second or… One Piece for the last (the manga not being finished yet), these works can be particularly long. To avoid wasting too much time with filler episodes, flashbacks and useless episodes, this YouTuber decided to create his own version of naruto.

a digest of only 135 hours

With 720 canon episodes, naruto is a long anime. Unlike more dynamic recent anime, Naruto is based on a multitude of filler episodes, flashbacks of all kinds and episodes that completely stray from the red thread. And for a while now, YouTuber Oceaniz and his girlfriend Laura haven’t had any anime to watch. The videographer therefore took his courage in both hands to ask the fateful question: if she was up for watching naruto with him if he edits the anime to make it less boring. In a video called “I Re-Edited ALL of Naruto for my Girlfriend” (“I edited the entirety of Naruto for my girlfriendin French), Oceaniz shared their plan.

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And if Oceaniz decided to create his own version rather than turning to existing edited versions of Naruto, like Naruto Kai, it was because he felt that there was some side content worth watching, like like the filler in which team 7 tries to see what Kakashi hides under his mask. “Naruto has been an immensely influential anime for me“, he told Kotaku. “I just like to share things that are important to me with people that are important to me.“. It was last January that Oceaniz got to work. Two and a half months later, episodes of 20 minutes each were remixed into episodes ranging from 50 to 120 minutes.

In his YouTube video, he explains in particular that he made the effort to translate Japanese and other signs into English, like streaming platforms. In total, the 720 canon episodes of narutoor 250 hours of content, has been reduced to a version of only 135 hours. A condensed English version validated by his half.

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Due to heavy demand, I restructured how to host the Series – what this means is that there is a new link!

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April 7, 2022

“Ocean Cut lovers!

Due to high demand, I’ve restructured the way I host the series – which means there’s a new link!

Note that if you previously had the link, you should take this one instead, all files will now be on MEGA.”

And if you’re interested in this condensed version of naruto and Naruto ShippudenOceaniz recently posted a link via his Twitter.