Naruto: Top 10 Shippuden Costumes, Ranked

In most animes, the appearance of the characters is just as important to arouse viewers’ interest as the plot and setting. Especially in the case of shonen, the extravagant costumes and accessories not only serve to attract the public, but also help to differentiate each character from the rest. These personal styles can also reflect a character’s fighting style, story, and personality. This aids in the telling of the story, as well as making it visually appealing to viewers.

Naruto: Shippuden has some of the most iconic costumes in anime, but that doesn’t mean that a few costumes don’t stand out above the rest. Some costumes are so unique to the series that they leave a lasting impression on viewers, which is exactly the intention of both fashion. as of the stylization of the characters.

10 Orochimaru’s look is eternal

On Shippuden, most of the characters receive upgrades to their costumes to reflect their growth as a ninja. By keeping the same look throughout the series, Orochimaru proves that he doesn’t need to change – physically or otherwise – to show his strength.

Orochimaru has always been a villain who rules and works only for himself. It stands to reason that he does not wear Akatsuki’s outfit for a long time. Instead, Orochimaru wears a simple outfit, proving that he doesn’t need to rely on a flashy outward appearance to strike fear into the hearts of heroes. Considering that his style is recycled from the first part and that many of his henchmen have worn similar styles, this shows that sometimes the simplest costumes are the most memorable.

9 Tsunade changes the typical Hokage looknaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 1

It’s clear that Tsunade has changed the way the Hokage interacts with the village, but she has also changed the way the Hokage presents itself in an aesthetic sense. Her clothes are practical for both fighting and medical ninjutsu, but she is not as combat-ready as other characters who can take on missions more frequently.

As a character who places a lot of emphasis on appearance, it also makes sense for Tsunade’s outfit to be stylish and coordinated in shades of green. Although Tsunade uses part of her chakra to always appear young for her age, an important factor in her vibrant appearance is her choice of clothing.

8 Gaara recreates his look from the first partnaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 2

Although the color scheme and look of Gaara’s suit haven’t changed much since the first part, as the fifth Kazekage, Gaara seems much more mature. The protective vest and thick fabric make sense considering how violent your fighting style can get. He continues to carry his pumpkin which, in addition to being a unique weapon, makes his character easy to identify.

His crimson coat is great for dramatic standing up, and Gaara seems to have planned this as he always flutters when he stands in the wind or makes a doorway.

7 Temari looks stylish and ready to fightnaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 3

Temari’s outfit contains components that have many outfits in Shippuden: leggings, sandals and the common forehead protector. However, Temari has definitely moved away from the typical ninja uniform and has opted for a more personalized aesthetic.

Her dress is long and simple, but the slit allows her to move freely during her matches while remaining modest. Because her dress is fairly plain, Temari is able to move quickly and go unnoticed during battle. Despite the subtlety of the look, the red details perfectly complement her personality and of course, no suit is complete without a giant fan.

6 Rock Lee’s monkey hitsnaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 4

Not only does Lee have one of the franchise’s most unique personalities and fighting styles, he also has one of the most unique aspects. Having received his patented green suit from his beloved Guy Sensei, it makes sense that Lee has kept his suit almost the same throughout the years.

On ShippudenAfter passing the Chunin exams, he adds the classic Leaf Village vest to his uniform. He continues to wear bright orange bandages and leg warmers, which aid him in his training. However, the look he originally took on to get stronger has resulted in one of the most memorable anime costumes of all time.

5 Ino’s costume could be worn in real lifenaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 5

Say that Ino’s style in Shippuden it is practical would not be a fair statement. In fact, Ino has probably the least practical outfit of the Konoha 11. That said, it is one of the few looks that are timeless not only in the universe, but in real life as well.

By using a simple purple and black pattern, the suit does not stay out of date. It also incorporates the perfect amount of classic mesh Naruto. With a tank top and loose skirt, Ino’s costume could be worn in a ninja war as well as in the mall.

4 Sasuke pulls out the deep Vnaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 6

Being one of the most important characters in the series, it makes sense that Sasuke’s costume is well thought out. While many characters kept most aspects of their look from the first part, Sasuke has completely reinvented himself. Sasuke wears a rope around his pants, demonstrating his affiliation with Orochimaru, a very important aspect of his character.

In addition, Sasuke’s high neck, which he previously had, is replaced by a deep V blouse. This not only shows how Sasuke has matured as a character, but that he is less afraid and no longer shields himself from his enemies.

3 The Akatsuki uniform is on most productsnaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 7

In terms of influence in the anime community, Akatsuki’s cape, made up of black cloth with red clouds, is by far one of the most popular merchandise designs. That said, the pattern wouldn’t be everywhere it is found today if the organization hadn’t used it while wreaking havoc.

Although each member’s personal style is different, when the Akatsuki don their cape and lift their necks, all the onlookers know exactly who they are. The simple red and black color scheme and basic design have made this suit unique and timeless.

2 Sai club a Crop Topnaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 8

Being a character that only appears in Shippuden, Sai dresses well to differentiate himself from the other ninjas. Sai’s clothing is very similar to Anbu’s uniform, however his outfit is more detailed. With sleeves of varying lengths and a mid-body top, Sai’s unique look shows that he doesn’t approach battle in the same way as his now companions.

Being the strongest Root member of his generation, aside from his ranged fighting style, it makes sense that Sai isn’t afraid to show some skin. It is also an interesting stylistic choice, as her noticeably pale skin stands out against the black of her sleeves and pants.

1 Naruto’s Sage mode is awesomenaruto los 10 mejores trajes de shippuden clasificados 9

Although Naruto’s use of bright orange as a ninja may seem like nonsense, it fits in perfectly with his noisy and frontal approach to life. Naruto does not hide and waits to attack; He runs headlong into battle and that is what distinguishes him as the protagonist.

When Naruto enters Sage Mode, his outfit is as vibrant as ever, but he wears it in such a mature way compared to his appearance in Part One. His red jacket and the orange color around his eyes make him look much cooler than before. Maybe it’s the way he looks the most like his father when he’s in Sage Mode, but he’s absolutely the best costume ever. Shippuden.