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The characters of Naruto They accompanied us for several years, and certainly some more are added to the account because the fans of this mythical work always return to shonen that saw us grow up to relive its greatest moments. Today we have decided to do the same, and that is why We have brought you the 10 best episodes of Naruto: Shippūden according to IMDb.

10. The Fourth Hokage

The 168th episode of this anime is one of the most memorable, and with good reason it has received a 9.2 rating on IMDb. On the one hand, Nine Tails was fiercely fighting against Pain, and on the other hand, Naruto found the residual thought of his father creeping into his unconscious. Action and emotion to the maximum alike.

Delving into the origins of Naruto | Image: Pierrot

9. I’m in Hell

Episode 345 of the series is great because it focused above all on revealing the secrets of two of the deadliest Uchiha: Obito and Madara. Raw, gloomy, delirious: this chapter is undoubtedly a visceral feast as uncomfortable as it is attractive to the eye of the finest otaku. On IMDb it received a 9.2 rating.

One of the greatest approaches to the history of the Uchiha | Image: Pierrot

8. Congratulations

Chapter 474 of Naruto It doesn’t have any action, but it’s quite emotional. It is about the conclusion of the conflict with Kaguya, as well as showing us the Kages returning to the Afterlife after their spirits were requested. On IMDb it has a rating of 9.2.

Making peace with the past | Image: Pierrot

7. The Seal of Reconciliation

Another episode devoid of action, but full of emotion. Chapter 478 is one of the fan favorites because it is about the conclusion of the fight between Sasuke and Naruto, with several flashbacks to the moment in which both shinobis they were but trainees of Team 7. On IMDb it has a score of 9.2.

Friendship is imperishable | Image: Pierrot

6. Madara Uchiha

Naruto episode 322 is great because it showed us Madara Uchiha making use of his abilities shinobi like the great villain he is: facing the entire Fourth Division alone. On IMDb it has a 9.3 rating, but I could have easily given it a higher score.

The best antagonist of Naruto | Image: Pierrot

5. Thank you

The 249th chapter of Naruto It is one of the most special of all because in it we could see the young protagonist contact his mother for the first time, or at least with an ember of his mother’s chakra that was trapped in the Nine-Tailed Fox. Who did not cry watching Thank you is because it is a heartless. On IMDb it received a 9.3 rating.

Naruto meeting his mother | Image: Pierrot

4. Kakashi vs. Obito

In chapter 375 of Naruto we were able to see the long-awaited meeting of thes shinobis Konaha’s most mysterious settling old scores: Kakashi vs. Obito. Although most of the episode was just dialogue between these two characters, the few moments of fighting were enough to give us goosebumps. This episode received a 9.3 rating on IMDb.

One of the best fights in the series | Image: Pierrot

3. The last battle

The most anticipated showdown in all Naruto certainly it was Sasuke’s and the protagonist of this shonen, and in that sense, episode 476 is one of the best for portraying much of this fight. The two using their maximum powers: we still think we feel that our screens rumble before the clash of the fists of these shinobis. On IMDb it received a 9.3.

The most epic battle of the entire series | Image: Pierrot

2.Naruto and Sasuke

If the Last battle it was a great episode Naruto and Sasuke, chapter 477, was able to overcome its epicity with growth. This is the conclusion of the fight between the two characters, who by now had exhausted their energy but not their desire to fight. This legendary piece of history received a 9.5 rating on IMDb.

The high point of Sasuke and Naruto’s fight | Image: Pierrot

1. The Story of the Heroic Jiraiya

Killed at the hands of Akatsuki, Jiriaya gave us the best episode of all Naruto with a portentous display of his unbreakable will. This is chapter 133 of Shippuden, which enjoys a score of 9.5 on IMDb.

The saddest death of the entire series | Image: Pierrot

As you can see, between these episodes you have some of the greatest exponents of the shonen modern. Their animation, the story they were portraying, the performances of the artists who brought their characters to life – every element was perfectly timed in these chapters, and analogously, our childhood and youth were burned into their memory. .

And you, did you find any of your favorite episodes in this list?


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