Naruto: Tsunade Cosplay shows us all the power of the Fifth Hokage | Spaghetti Code

Time passes and Tsunade remains one of the most beloved characters in the series. Naruto and anime in general, so it is not surprising to find all kinds of tributes related to the Fifth Hokage, such as the following cosplay that brings her to life in a more than amazing way.

Through her Instagram account, the artist known as @jannetincosplay shared a photograph that shows us a neat recreation of the legendary Sannin of the Leaf Village, managing to amazingly capture the most representative elements of the character.

As we can see below, the wardrobe of the powerful kunoichi He is perfectly represented, with his gray blouse and a kind of green cape on it. What’s more, other details like the First Hokage’s necklace, the blonde hair and the chakra seal on his forehead round off an interpretation that shows us all the power and beauty of the Fifth Hokage of Konoha.

Image: jannetincosplay/Instagram

The work is without a doubt impeccable, and leaves us dreaming of a version live action from Naruto in which we can see Tsunade represented in this way. On the other hand, these types of representations confirm that the Fifth Hokage continues to be one of the most representative female protagonists in the industry, thanks to the enormous determination, strength and leadership that she showed when guiding the Hidden Leaf Village.

And it is that the power and beauty of Tsunade is not up for discussion, and it is probably the kunoichi most prominent of the entire series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

What did you think of this Naruto anime cosplay that brings Tsunade to life?


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