Naruto: Tsunade’s beauty shines in this cosplay that literally brings her to life – Senpai

Tsunade Senju is one of the characters in Naruto of which more is done cosplayhowever and surprisingly, we always find one that is better than the previous one just like this one from a cosplayer Taiwanese who literally gives life to the Fifth Hokage.

We all already know beloved Tsunade, one of the most powerful kunoichis of all time in the Leaf Village and the shinobi world, as well as the first and only woman to become Hokage.

Undoubtedly a figure of female empowerment within the world of manga and anime that above all stands out for its peculiar beauty, which has been revealed in the cosplay of anime of this oriental artist who has been able to embody the Fifth Hokage with great precision.

Photo: Instagram – @hiko_wan

As you can see, this girl incredibly recreates Tsunade’s outfit without missing a single detail. We can appreciate the low-cut gray kimono characteristic of the kunoichi, which is worn over the green haori, also very typical of the character.

Photo: Instagram – @hiko_wan

Obviously other details such as blonde hair and “honey” eyes are also very important, as well as the Yin Seal mark. And in this second photograph we can see how the artist opts for a battle pose with a pair of kunai to make her anime cosplay something much cooler.

Tsunade is without a doubt one of the best characters around Naruto and that unfortunately will no longer continue active in Boruto. But it is clear that we will always remember her as the most beautiful among the girls of Konoha and as the first and to date only ruler of the Hidden Leaf Village.

what did you think of this cosplay from Naruto where Tsunade comes to life?


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