Naruto turns 20 and fans don’t know what the big announcement will be for his celebration

It’s true that Naruto never reached the same levels of popularity as Dragon Ball, but its manga and anime enjoy an undeniable tradition and a large legion of fans who hold a special place in their hearts for this saga. .

The evolution of Naruto’s story and its characters is quite extensive and complex. Much like One Piece, there was a time when we honestly felt like the story of these guys would never end.

But as we all have seen, the story progressed and the manga eventually closed the plot after years of stories that were quite entertaining for those who had the patience and affection to watch all the chapters.

Now, with the close of this year, the two-decade anniversary of the franchise’s birth approaches. We know that there will be a special announcement around this celebration which will be made this December 17, 2022, in a week, roughly, as we write these lines.

But the reality is that many don’t know what will be revealed.

How Naruto’s 20th Anniversary Will Be Celebrated

To be honest, we’ve seen some pretty exciting official news recently regarding Naruto’s birthday celebrations. There’s the case of the two spin-offs that were released in manga format, with Sasuke’s Story focusing on the relationship between Sakura and Sasuke.

We also saw the release of Konoha’s Story, which tells the story of the new disciple trained by Kakashi and Gai. But, for example, the folks at MeriStation speculated about the announcement coming in a few days. Playing with the idea that they might reveal a new anime series.

Or better yet, that they could end the whole Boruto story and make it a non-canonical story and pick up the plot at another point in the narrative before everything goes down that one-way no-return route. There is even talk on the net of the possibility that the anime will follow in the footsteps of Dragon Ball Z Kai by producing a new series with better animation and without the sometimes excessive filler.

This last possibility is honestly the most appealing. But we will have to wait for an answer.