Naruto: Uchiha Itachi’s zodiac sign and what it says about him

Naruto is a mega-popular shonen action series that is famous not only for its remarkable combat system, but also for its richly realized characters that often have unexpected emotional depths. Even former villains like Gaara of the Sand and Uchiha Itachi of the Akatsuki have their sympathetic side and, deep down, they were never really villains.

Itachi was born a prodigy into the famed Uchiha clan, but his treacherous family plotted against the Hidden Leaf Village, and Itachi reluctantly became a mass murdering hero to save his beloved village while sparing his brother Sasuke. Itachi’s kind and complex personality can be described in many ways, including his astrological sign.

Gemini, the astrological sign of the twins

Uchiha Itachi was born on June 9, which means he was born under the sign of Gemini, one of the three air signs in astrological lore. This zodiac sign embodies air in many ways, from its flexibility and creativity to its selfless and capricious nature. Those born under an air sign are constantly on the go, and they value adventure and creative pursuits over slow and diligent processes or mysticism. Geminis in particular like to keep themselves busy. One of the interpretations is that a Gemini needs a second body to achieve everything, hence the mascot of the sign is the twins.

Gemini is also defined by the sun, and this means that Geminis are noted for their compassion and ease of communication. Geminis tend to be quite open and friendly people in many circumstances, although they can also be unpredictable, eccentric, and difficult to read at times. This can give Geminis a dual nature. Also, Gemini is influenced by the planet Mercury, which means that Geminis are very attentive to their immediate surroundings and are boundlessly curious, intelligent, and insightful. Geminis will reveal their true inner nature little by little to people who are in their wave, which makes them somewhat similar to the Cancer sign, who starts out hiding in his “shell” until he warms up to others and accepts them in his life. .

On the other hand, a Gemini may take on too many hobbies or projects to finish, frustrating or annoying people who can’t keep up with his restless and giddy pace. In turn, a Gemini can get very upset if people try to stop or hold them back, and they tend to forget that there are other types of people in the world who do things differently. A Gemini may be too much in their own business, too eager to launch into another project or adventure.

Uchiha Itachi as Gemini in Narutonaruto el signo del zodiaco de uchiha itachi y lo que dice de el 1

Uchiha Itachi does not embody all aspects of his birth sign; for example, he’s not exactly a talkative and sociable extrovert as his air sign would suggest, nor does he take on too many projects at once. He is mission-oriented, whether as a member of the ANBU covert ops or a member of the Akatsuki, and tends to keep others away for one reason or another. On the other hand, when Itachi is at his best, the Gemini side of him shines.

Geminis like Itachi are good-hearted people, and they are always very perceptive, insightful, and creative, which means they can get to the heart of any matter. In particular, Geminis born on June 9, like Itachi, are also affected by Venus, which enhances their compassion, responsibility, affection, and even their mysterious side, and Itachi embodies all of that. As a Gemini, Itachi was a brilliant and loyal ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village, and while his love for his family ran deep, he also knew his duty. As a perceptive Gemini, Itachi fully understood the delicate political situation, and knew that he would have to choose between his village and his family.

All the pieces fit together perfectly in the insightful Itachi’s mind, and he made a decision. Much to his chagrin, Itachi had to put an end to his traitorous family to protect the peace, but despite everything, he refused to kill his beloved younger brother Sasuke, who was completely innocent. A kind and compassionate Gemini like Itachi could never kill his brother like that, though the village elders insisted on it, and Itachi let Sasuke go.

As a flexible Gemini, Itachi renounced his allegiance to the Hidden Leaf Village and became a rogue, willingly paying this price for duty while taking satisfaction that his brother was alive and well. He later joined the Akatsuki organization as a double agent, laying the groundwork for Sasuke’s eventual triumph over him.

Itachi had no trouble reviewing his entire life and coming up with a creative solution to the messy situation at hand, and sure enough, Itachi faced Sasuke for the last time in naruto shippuden and was left to lose as he passed on the secrets of the Mangekyo Sharingan to him, including the Susano’o technique. Itachi died happy, knowing that his knowledge of the world and his family had allowed him to find the best solution for everyone and express kindness in a way that Sasuke hadn’t understood for a long time. Even Uchiha Obito knew it.