Naruto wants us to choose the protagonist of his next manga

What is the most popular Naruto character? Sasuke, Sakura, Minato Namikaze or Kakashi? Now fans will be able to get him to have his own manga.

We introduce you narutop99 a popularity contest of the characters of Naruto powered by the creator of the manga called Masashi Kishimoto. This global survey aims to determine what people’s favorite ninja is and will give you a very special series.

You can vote in this website until January 31, 2023. So you have to choose well, because you can choose from a brutal number of ninjas and one vote per day is allowed. The top 20 characters will receive special collectible figures and new artwork from Masashi Kishimoto. More importantly, the character who gets the top spot will star in the creator’s next short manga series. Naruto.

This video is intended to excite fans of Naruto with the contest. They also show several prominent people who are likely to do well in the new survey, such as Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Shikamaru Nara and Gaarabut in addition it also presents some of the most emotional moments of the story, including the deaths of Haku or Itachi.

While Masashi Kishimoto wrote: “NARUTO has done many character popularity polls in Japan’s Shōnen Jump Magazine, but this is the first time we’ve done a worldwide poll, so I’m excited to see which characters will make it to the top ranking list! eagerly many votes from fans around the world!”

What is the story about?

Naruto is a lonely boy who lives in a ninja village and who intends to become the master Hokage, that is, the leader chosen for being the strongest. But his beginnings in the ninja world are very complicated, especially since inside him is a demon that is the nine-tailed fox. A terrible being that gives him power but at the same time causes terror among the inhabitants of the village. Over time he will discover his full potential and make very powerful allies and enemies.