Naruto: what do the names of each of the ninjas in the anime mean?

After dragonball, Naruto It is the anime with the largest audience in Latin America, a few months ago we even covered a story where it was shown that the audience in Latin America was changing their preferences towards Masashi Kishimoto’s anime, and no wonder, This anime knew how to get into the hearts of Latino fans to the point of being the star anime of the generation of 2000.

Now, we want to review one of the curious facts that Kishimoto had kept for a long time, it is about the meaning of the names in the characters of Narutosomething that to the surprise of few, is directly related to the characteristics of the characters.

Naruto Uzumaki

Starting with the protagonist, the name refers to an ingredient that is used in the preparation of ramen that the current hokage likes so much, likewise, Naruto It also refers to a city in Japan that is famous for the whirlwinds that formhaving relation to the nature of Naruto’s chakra and his famous rasengan.

Sasuke Uchiha

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The word Sasuke is a reference to an ability or skill that a person can haveOn the other hand, the last name Uchiha means paper fan, which is referenced in the clan logos embroidered on the back of all the members, a more than accurate description of what the character means and even his own family, which on many occasions takes on a lot of prominence throughout the series.

kakashi hatake

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The meaning of another of the hogakes of the village of the leaf is scarecrow, his last name means field, which gives us to understand that it is a kind of protection to a specific siteIn this case, understand the village of the leaf, being a character who in any situation was a protector of his village.

Sakura Haruno

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Sakura is a meaning that has been seen throughout the series and that if you are anime consumers, you will already know its meaning, These are the typical Japanese cherry trees, they have the characteristic of being pinkjust like the hair of the famous doctor ninja of the village of the leaf.


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One of the antagonists of the series has the most predictable name of all, part of his name refers to a snake, and the other half of it refers to the male gender, so it’s a pretty basic description of what Orochimaru is.

These are all the meanings revealed so far, we invite you to see more curiosities about animes like Chainsaw Man, sailor Moon Y dragonballIn the same way, we will be writing about any news that reveals first-hand the incredible and extensive universe of Naruto.