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A phrase that we fans of Naruto Y Naruto shippuden that we prefer the original language of this work to the dubbing in Latin Spanish has been dattebayo, the mantra that Naruto Uzumaki has practically repeated since his earliest youth. Many do not know the meaning of this word, and the truth is that it does not have a literal translation in our language.

Does it really mean “really”?

datebayo is a Japanese word made up of different pieces of meaning (known among linguists as morphemes) that, in conjunction, give it a very specific meaning, which, however, does not have a literal translation in our language. This is partly because dattebayo is an expression used in the yakuwarigo, or “role language”: a style of language that is used mainly in fiction and that transmits traits of the identity of the person who is speaking, such as age, gender, or social class.

datebayo It is a word used in different contexts, as its meaning changes depending on the moment in which it is said, and it is used above all to account for a state of mind of full determination. So when we listen to Naruto end a sentence with dattebayo, we can assume that the character is confirmed what he has just said with full conviction of what he has said, that is why in Latin America it was translated as “really”, although this is not its precise meaning.

Other translations that this word could receive are “I’m right”, “you must believe” or “believe it”, although they are not precise translations either. This is very common in all languages, since each language is a vision of the world, and different visions can hardly portray the same perspective of a person.

Dattebayo! | Image: Pierrot

So now you know: the next time you hear Naruto say “dattebayo!”, Whether in the middle of a fight, eating ramen, about to take an exam, it is because the ninja is trying to emphasize what he has done. said, or simply because he tries to impose his energetic (and sometimes childish) will.

And you, did you already know what the meaning of the word is dattebayo?


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