Naruto: What does ‘dattebayo’ mean? Why does Naruto use it so much?

Naruto” is a character characterized by many easily recognizable things: his ‘Kage Bunshin no Jutsu‘, the fact of having a mythical 9-tailed fox inside or also adding a ‘dattebayo!‘. And it is that in effect, the protagonist of the franchise has one of the… words? expressions? Best known in the entire history of anime. But what exactly is that peculiar ‘dattebayo’ that only he seems to use?

The origin of Naruto’s ‘Dattebayo’

To begin, it is important to establish why only “Naruto” uses this expression particularly in the anime:

  • Basically, Naruto’s ‘dattebayo’ can be understood as a verbal tic that the character himself cannot control.
  • For clarity on this we have to her mother, Kushina, added to her own sentences a ‘dattebane when at a particular moment I was especially excited or angry.
Kushina, the mother of the protagonist, had her own verbal tic in ‘tense moments’
  • Kushina also came to express that he wished his son did not inherit such an annoying tic like this one of adding this peculiar phrase in their expressions. She did not do well.
  • But why this tick? The most logical answer is that simply it is something inherited and uncontrollable within the Uzumaki clan. The proof of this is that Boruto, the son of Naruto, adds a ‘dattebasa. That is to say, that within the Uzumaki lineage there is a tendency to inherit a verbal tic that ends up altering depending on the person.

The meaning of Naruto’s ‘Dattebayo’

Now that we have established what ‘dattebayo’ is, where and why this peculiar verbal expression comes from, it is time to deal a little more in depth its meaning and use:

  • To explain the ‘dattebayo’ first, his thing is to dissect it to see what exactly is it made up of this unique expression from Naruto:
    • First of all, the ‘gives‘ is often applied to the end of certain sentences in Japanese to emphasize that something is being explained or described specific.
    • The shape ‘date‘ as such is used to restate something that has been previously said.
    • The ‘ttebayo‘ as such is used to express a ‘you know’ or similar.
    • The ‘I‘ independently can even be understood as a exclamation point, seeking to emphasize and reaffirm a specific phrase.
Surely the ‘dattebayo’ is the best-known expression of an anime character
  • Basically, the full division of the ‘dattebayo’ suggests that this Naruto verbal tic is used so that the character gives emphasis to his phrases and also forcefulness. Going along this line, it makes sense that dubbings like Spanish and Latin American would interpret it with a ‘Oh yes’ and ‘Really’since the idea is simply that the phrases that the protagonist says sound with strength, confidence and determination.

In “Naruto” there are other similar expressions that we see more characters use throughout the anime, but nothing remains as constant and easy to perceive as the ‘dattebayo’ used by the main character. Also, surely more than one of you know a person who, whenever he explains something, begins his sentences in a specific way, or who regularly uses particular phrases. Although “Naruto” may seem peculiar because of who he is, if you think about it coldly it’s not so strange.

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