Naruto: What does Dattebayo mean?

Naruto is famous for never shutting up and for saying only one thing all the time: Dattebayo! The blonde ninja phrase has traveled the world in translations, adaptations and deformations, but what you need to know is that it is a term that does not have a literal translation. However, Dattebayo does have a meaning that you can discover here.


Dattebayo (だってばよ) is a term invented by Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto, from a combination of different Japanese words. that does not have a precise meaning, but that can be interpreted in different ways. Dattebayo is made up of three components in its original language: the word gives (だ) that is usually used as a linking verb and that is more or less equivalent to the verb “to be” in Spanish; the particle tteba (ってば) which is used to add emphasis to what the speaker is saying, but is also said next to someone’s name to get their attention. Finally there is the particle me (よ) that is used at the end of a sentence to affirm something and can be translated in some contexts as the expression “look”.

If we put it all together it turns out that Dattebayo is not even a grammatically correct word, but it evokes various meanings for the Japanese speaker. It particularly serves to point out that Naruto is full of determination and asserts himself through this expression. That is why the ninja usually uses it when he shows confidence in himself and in what he says, and for that reason it was translated as “really” in the Latin dubbing, since it has a similar meaning.

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From orphan to Seventh Hokage

Actually the expression Dattebayo could be interpreted as another of the many peculiarities of the Naruto character. In addition to being an extremely restless boy, the blond ninja often creates his own solutions to all kinds of problems. Just remember how he learned to master the Rasengan using a technique never seen before with his Shadow Clones. to that extent the word Dattebayo is part of the yakuwarigo from narutothat is, the peculiar language used in Kishimoto’s manga to highlight his mischievous and creative personality.

This is also related to the fact that several of the words that make up the expression Dattebayo are used in informal language. For example, tteba is a shorter variation of the word tteieba (っていえば) and therefore less formal. These types of details shed light on the origin of Naruto, who despite being a descendant of the Fourth Hokage did not grow up accompanied by an education in his manners. from their mentors.

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