Naruto: What does the mark on Gaara’s forehead mean? – Senpai

Although it is not the protagonist of the work, there is no doubt that Gaara is one of the best characters of Naruto. His determination and gallantry have no comparison (not for nothing this shinobi managed to become the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure), and certainly his powers are unique in this Universe.

In this sense, it is natural that more than one fan of the character and alien to the Japanese language has never managed to decipher the mark on Gaara’s forehead. But worry no more, Next we tell you what this mysterious symbol means.


The symbol you have Gaara on his face is a Japanese kanji, that is to say: an ideogram that represents a “concept”. In the specific case of this shinobi, the kanji of his face is that of the word to the, which in Spanish can be translated as “love”.

“Love” is what it means | Image: Pierrot

The truth is This tattoo has a much deeper meaning for those who know the history of the character, because only then is its true meaning revealed. In the past, Gaara was a little boy who suffered a lot due to being the possessor of Shukaku, the one-tailed beast, as well as the constant attacks received by his village and the forced situations in which he was involved for having to save his friends. the people of Sunagakure.

As a measure to reaffirm his will in the face of the isolation that Gaara himself had imposed on himself for fear of being hurt or hurting other people, the shinobi He decided to tattoo the word “love” on his forehead: an eternal reminder that even in solitude, he had his own love. The only one that would allow him to get up every day to protect his entire village.

A metaphor for self love | Image: Pierrot

After having met Naruto, Gaara’s personality totally changed. He began to open up to others, and was compassionate and receptive to the feelings of others. Little by little, the meaning of self-preservation that his tattoo had represented for so many years was transformed into the most beautiful word with which the character could be defined. Because Gaara is proof that through friendship, love can be extended to heal any wound.

And you, did you already know the meaning of the kanji on Gaara’s forehead?


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