Naruto: What if Itachi Uchiha had awakened the Rinnegan

The anime of Naruto has left thousands of fans with great doubts and absurd theories about characters that at the time moved everyone. One of the best things about these fan-created theories is the thousands of ideas and mental threads that they have created in order to give them credibility. Recently, some fans have started asking why Itachi Uchiha don’t have a Rinnegan? And if this could be possible.

We got down to work and began to analyze this “possible” situation. Although to be honest, the possibility that Itachi Uchiha would have obtained a Rinnegan it is minimal, but not impossible. Anyway, let’s summarize the story of the fans of Naruto and we will give a touch of realism to the situation.

The power of Itachi in the series of Naruto He was imposing, Itachi proved to be one of the strongest ninjas in all of anime in just a couple of chapters. In the manga, Itachi’s power was even greater and his benevolence was unimaginable. Just by seeing the episodes where they tell us why it is that Itachi eliminated his clan, is that we understand the level of this character.

Itachi, managed to awaken at a young age the mighty ‘Mangekyo Sharingan‘(Red eye for the Spanish), with this power, Itachi, was able to achieve advanced level Jutsus and Genjutsus that not even Kakashi was capable of dominating (almost at the level of Kurenai). Although with only the Mangekyo, Itachi was able to exterminate his clan, it seems that the fans want more.

Fans mention that Itachi may have eliminated Obito easily, once this was done, Itachi could have become Madara’s “servant”, this in order to get hold of Hashirama’s cells and thus awaken the Rinnegan. Here we find the first error. Itachi believed that Obito was the same Madara UchihaThis changed a bit later but it would still have been difficult to seize the power of the Rinnegan.

Remember that not all ninjas could make use of Hashirama’s cells (or so Kishi says), even so, if they took over the Rinnegan, Itachi’s power would have been good enough for Itachi to have ended the war even earlier. to start. Nagato’s power was huge, now imagine Itachi.

Anyway, if this had been possible, the series would bear the name of “Konoha, the village of Itachi and … Naruto.