Naruto: What is the Baryon Mode of the seventh hokage and why is it so dangerous

Naruto has shown us some of the most powerful ninjas from the different villages and in most cases, the hokages have amazed all their fans, so it is not surprising that Naruto Uzumaki, the seventh hokage still has several aces up your sleeve in the Boruto series and today we will reveal what Baryon Mode is.

The fans deeper into the anime and manga series, are more than clear that it is the Baryon Mode, although this represents great dedication, many fans are unaware of this mode, in short it is a unique transformation accessible to Kurama with his jinchūriki.

If Naruto and Kurama’s chakra is depleted, it cannot be replenished. So the form will supposedly end in death. The Baryon Mode or Heavy Particle Mode, is a mode used by Naruto Uzumaki in conjunction with Kurama. It is a different form from its root to Kurama Mode, and is described by Kurama as a last resort, with the consequence of his death.


Upon entering this form, Naruto acquires different characteristics of Kurama, such as his red eyes with the vertical pupil and black markings that enhance his whiskers and around the eyes that rise to form a reminiscent of Kurama’s ears, joining with his bristly hair.

Gain an orange chakra cloak similar to Kurama’s fur, with a spiral on the front from which nine lines emerge around it. In the center of the back it has a spiral from which nine tails emerge, dividing into four tails that are maintained in the upper part and five in the lower part, each one connected to the spiral by a black line that runs through them.


Similar to a nuclear fusion, being a principle similar to how the sun produces its energy, the Baryon Mode produces a new type of energy using the chakra of Naruto and Kurama as its nucleus.

As the raw material used to produce this new energy, Naruto and Kurama’s chakra is consumed as it creates it. In this form activated by Kurama, Naruto gains an increase in his amount of chakra to the point of perplexing Isshiki Ōtsutsuki and Sasuke Uchiha.

Likewise, Naruto’s reflexes, speed and strength are increased to the degree of being able to dodge and counterattack with a great impact Isshiki’s attacks, as well as catch his black stakes in midair before they return to their original size, Sasuke with his sharingan stated that he could barely trace them.

Using its tails, it is capable of holding and throwing large amounts of weight, as demonstrated by easily stopping a rapidly falling Isshiki cube. Unlike other states, Naruto can interact with Isshiki’s cubes without his senses being disturbed.

The Baryon Mode reduces life expectancy, and since the entire chakra is connected, the same power that is produced by this, serves to reduce the life expectancy of other individuals when making direct contact. Thanks to this ability, Naruto was able to reduce Isshiki’s life expectancy from twenty hours to less than ten minutes.


As the last resort, due to the risk of death of Kurama himself, due to the consumption of energy, he asked Naruto not to make unnecessary movements or act based on useless thoughts, being the key to keep the Baryon Mode active as long as possible. Kurama noticed that Baryon Mode reduces life expectancy while active.

After the Baryon Mode is deactivated, Naruto faints, being in a death-like state of shock as a result of Kurama’s Tailed Beast chakra disappearing from within.

Because the chakra simply disappears and is not extracted, Naruto does not risk dying from the jinchūriki. However, he permanently loses the beast’s chakra as well as all its abilities when Kurama dies and disappears from within.