Naruto: What is the meaning of the names of the members of team 7

Naruto is one of the most beloved anime and manga series of all time and it is not for less, since it presents us with an amazing cast of characters with unique aspects and abilities within the ninja world, so today we will delve into a curious fact of team members 7.

Something that has surprised us is that, throughout the anime we can see how the members of this team join forces to accomplish their missions, although each of these keeps a secret and meaning in their names that refer to some details. of their personalities or their history, a detail that is undoubtedly great. That is why we will tell you the true meaning of the names of Team 7.


Naruto comes from “narutomaki”, which refers to a small fish paste cake that is one of the main ingredients in ramen. And if you already know the blond ninja, this will not be a complete surprise. Well, as Masashi Kishimoto has explained on more than one occasion, ramen is the favorite food of both him and the protagonist of his series.

The ingredient, which is shaped like a roll, is also in keeping with Naruto’s surname and that of his clan, Uzumaki. This word means “spiral”, which curiously can also be seen in the Rasengan, the Ninjutsu of his family that he learned indirectly.


Originally the name Sasuke comes from the legendary ninja Sasuke Sarutobi, a warrior who exists between reality and fiction in different works from children’s stories to manga like Naruto. But “Sasuke” also has a meaning, and could be translated as “the one who helps” or “assistant”.

Some have taken this as a sign of the personality of the last heir to the Uchiha clan, although it is not so clear in what sense. Perhaps we only got to see this trait until he gave up his attempts to destroy Konoha and gave up the idea of ​​taking revenge on Itachi.


Sakura is the simplest name of the protagonists of Naruto, but it also has a strong symbolic meaning. Sakura refers to the cherry blossom whose color Kishimoto adapted for the kunoichi’s hair. The cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan, symbolically representing a time of renewal and optimism. It could not be otherwise, since its appearance is linked to the beginning of spring between the months of March and April, which is when it floods the streets of Tokyo and the rest of the Japanese country.