Naruto: what relationship Haku and Zabuza had in the anime; we explain everything we know about it

Naruto is one of the series that has marked the today’s generations, especially due to the complexity of its history and the subplots that surround the series throughout its development. One of those stories that made an impact for most fans was Zabuza’s arc, which was introduced as the first villain of the series.

This arc has the particularity of showing us several disruptive characters for the anime of the time, one of them is Haku, who, to Naruto himself, at first seemed like a woman, but was really a man. This character who sees himself as a tool and his outcome was not the best… both for him and his teacher.

Haku in his first meeting with Naruto

A complex relationship to understand

But, What relationship did Haku and Zabuza have? Throughout this first story it is made clear that it was a relationship of murderer and pupil, but in Zabuza’s last moments, he hints that there was something more that he could never externalize for Haku and that only on his deathbed, he could let it out

Haku’s reasons

Before understanding this relationship, we must review Haku’s past, since the anime does not go into detail regarding Zabuza’s past. Haku is born in a family with a very particular inherited power, his father, being afraid of this power, kills his mother and tries to do the same with Haku, however, he kills him in self-defense.

Naruto What Relationship Haku And Zabuza Had In The Anime3

Zabuza and Haku in the fight for the bridge of the Land of Waves

Haku becomes one more orphan of the Village Hidden in the Mist, it is there that Zabuza picks him up from the streets, realizing that he has a very valuable power, he decides to train him as a weapon of war for his criminal pretensions. It is here where a relationship of admiration on the part of Haku is born, who does whatever it takes for Zabuzasince she is the only person he knows in his life who cares for him.

love at the end of the tunnel

It is precisely in the fight between the team 7 of Naruto against Zabuza, who realizes what Haku really meant to him. Although Haku dies without hearing those feelings from her beloved instructor, Zabuza really opens her heart coming to the end of her life and understanding that her love was mutual; thanks to Naruto that he makes her see that the cruelty of the Ninja world prevented her from accepting deeper emotions like love.

Ultimately, this strange relationship ended up being a mutual love that ended up coming to fruition later in the saga of the Fourth Ninja World War, where the revived Zabuza and Haku confirm these emotions and partially help the ninjas to end the Edo Tensei. . Undoubtedly a very particular story, which began the popular work of Masashi Kishimoto and that propelled her to be the phenomenon she is today.