Naruto: what was the illness that Itachi had and what caused it?

An element that draws attention within the world of Naruto is that among a cast of powerful characters is Itachi Uchiha affected by a serious disease, so what is this disease and what caused it?

It is believed that Itachi’s condition really has a broader purpose within the plot and the character himself, and it is that everything points to a sad reason behind his condition.

According to CBR, Itachi’s illness could be due to all the repressed emotions that he had throughout his life and that eventually ended up manifesting in his body.

And it is that Itachi often chooses to take on burdens so that others do not have to, such as being an older brother, a ninja, a spy, a traitor and a martyr in order to save other people from pain. He tried to save the entire village himself without the help of anyone else, things that generate stress and anxiety and end up wearing down the physique.

Also, for a good part of his existence he lived a double life as he had to be a spy for LeafVillage while pretending to be a spy for the Ichiha clan, then he had to fake a betrayal while undercover in Akatsuki, and pretend to be a monster he killed. to his family when he actually loved them.

Itachi could never be his true self since he kept his intentions and feelings hidden, suffering all kinds of stress, anxiety and emotional pain that he kept inside and ended up manifesting as his illness. Even when he was revived during the Fourth Shinobi War, Itachi advised Naruto not to try to bear all the weight by himself as it would lead to failure.

That said and considering the issue of his feelings, everything points to a cancer that was slowly poisoning him to death.

It is worth mentioning that several theories have circulated about Itachi’s disease, and one of the strongest indicates that it could have microscopic polyangiitis, which is a kidney and lung affectation that affects small vessels and that one of the main symptoms is hemoptysis, which is the elimination of blood through the respiratory system.