Naruto: Why can’t Kakashi disable his Sharingan?

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most skilled shinobi in Narutobut his power is not infinite as his sharingan has shown on some occasions, since the ninja is not able to activate or deactivate it at will, something that has forced him to hide part of his face behind a mask. For that reason, here we explain why Kakashi cannot deactivate his sharingan and what other secrets the ability of the copying ninja hides..

a careful ninja

Officially there is no explanation within the manga as to why Kakashi always has his sharingan activated, but there is an interesting theory about it. Let’s remember that Obito Uchiha was the one who gave his sharingan to Kakashi before he died, as he had lost one of his eyes during an incident. Obito’s sacrifice was a “gift” to congratulate Kakashi on becoming a Jounin, bestowing an extremely powerful ability on the young ninja.

Fortunately for Kakashi, Obito’s sharingan adapted well to his physiognomy, although that does not mean that he could do with it what he wanted. After all, Kakashi is not an Uchiha, so he does not have full control over the sharingan to activate and deactivate it at will.. Perhaps the shinobi was afraid that if he tried to “turn it off” he would end up losing it forever, which would not only have affected him at the time of the fight, but would also have lost the most precious gift of his former friend.

Obito’s gift

Another possible explanation for why Kakashi doesn’t deactivate his sharingan (something that forces him to wear a mask all the time) is that when Obito gave it to him it was already activated. In a way, the sharingan stayed in this state forever without Kakashi being able to take any control over its entire operation.. This other theory fits with the fact that the shinobi preferred to use a protection over his face so as not to use it and not waste chakra instead of learning to master it completely.

Image: Pierrot

Now we can’t imagine Kakashi without his sharingan, an ability that undoubtedly enhanced the abilities of the ninja to become a legend completely. Part of it was also learning his limits and realizing that he might never master the sharingan like the Uchihas do.


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