Naruto: Why didn’t Kabuto revive Maito Dai (Gai’s father) with the Edo Tensei

Naruto is the most popular anime in the world right now, fans of the series were able to enjoy great moments when they came to anime. For many fans, the Fourth Ninja War it was easily the best bow in all Naruto, this thanks to the nostalgia that brought them to see characters fallen in battle once again within the series (Zabuza y Search).

During the Fourth Ninja War, characters of all kinds were revived thanks to Kabuto, but for those who were observers, characters like Sakumo Hatake or Maito Dai were just a memory within the anime of Naruto. If you’re wondering why we didn’t mention Jiraiya, it is simple; Kabuto mentioned that his body Sannin it was very deep in the sea.

Continuing with this. Although Sakumo could have been part of those revived by Kabuto, we believe that this was not part given the great reputation he has within the village, which is why his soul refused to return. Remember that he was well known but when he committed suicide it seems a reason for him not to return.

Going to Maito Dai, the reason why he did not return to earth is very simple. Screenplay. The power of the script is monstrous, it was so great that Naruto he was able to give Kakashi an eye without knowing how he did it. Dai’s case is different, having opened the 8 internal doors, he could have been the most powerful being only after Madara.

Remember that when brought to life with the Edo Tensei, the revived have unlimited chakra, now add to this not dying, practically using the 8 Inner Gates is the most OP attack in the anime. Maito would not have any visible weakness once he uses the 8 Gates, if Gai became the strongest man on earth, now imagine his father’s power with unlimited power.

The point is to bring Milk it would have been the end for Naruto, just imagine seeing an opponent at Madara’s level who can overcome any limit set, unless Kishi had something else for Naruto, a power that can absorb chakra just by looking at the opponents.