Naruto will arrive on the HBO Max platform on August 1

One of the most loved anime series is Narutowhich was rumored a few months ago that it could reach the HBO Max platform, but this has already been confirmed with a platform publication announcing the arrival of this work.

Through their social networks, part of the premieres that would arrive in the last week of July and part of August were shared, in which confirms that Masashi Kishimoto’s story will arrive on August 1.

According to HBO Max, the first season of Naruto It will be released that day, however, it is not known if it will arrive with the Latin Spanish dubbing or it can also be enjoyed in its original language but with subtitles in Spanish.

On May 26, Luis Durán, former general manager of HBO Max, confirmed to a fan of Narutothat the series would arrive in its catalog during the third quarter of 2022, but had not confirmed the official date.

The continuation of this anime, Boruto: Naruto Next Generationswhich gives way to new characters and is set years after the original story, is now available on the platform and has a Latin dub.

Naruto is based on the manga written by Masashi Kishimoto, which is divided into two sagas, one named Naruto and the other naruto shippudenin which the protagonist grows like his companions.

The story follows a young man ninja who has a monster sealed within him and who seeks to become the village leader to be recognized as one of the greatest heroes.

Excited for the arrival of Naruto to HBO Max?


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