Naruto will reveal multiple projects for its 20th anniversary

Naruto“It is an incredible classic. I think there should be few of all of us who dedicate our time to anime today who have not enjoyed this story by Masashi Kishimoto. Yes, it is true that the lineage as such continues through “Boruto“, but personally it is something that did not grab me at first, and again I think that many others did the same. However, when the news is that Little things are coming for the 20th anniversary of the original… well, there is interest, really.

The anime of Naruto (and surely Boruto) will be the protagonist these months

What things will there be? Well, at the moment it is something that is unknown, but I can tell you several notes of how much has transpired in the last hours:

  • Since ShonenLeaks have reported that during the next week Multiple projects will be revealed for the 20th anniversary of the Naruto anime. This will be something that will be given through the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. ❗
  • On the other hand, in Jump Festa 2023 it has been confirmed that Boruto will feature one of the event’s ‘Super Stages’, which are the most important of it. ❗
  • Will some news be related to others? For now, no idea, although we could perfectly well have a preview this next week and be summoned to Jump Festa 2023 (December 17 and 18) to find out more details. In any case, you have to be careful if you are a fan of Naruto and everything that surrounds the franchise. ❓

Honestly, no one should get too excited because, of course, the anime of “Naruto” ended at the time giving rise to the current story of “Boruto”. I dare not get wet with anything they can announce, since I really have zero idea in this case. So, it only remains to wait until the surprises jump.

Naruto Synopsis

In the Hidden Leaf Village, a troublesome kid who studies at the ninja school, Naruto, is dedicated to plotting mischief after mischief. Naruto’s dream is to one day inherit the name of Hokage, reserved for great heroes, and to become the greatest ninja of all time. Will he be able to fulfill his longing for greatness?!