Naruto winks at Sasuke very emotionally on his latest cover

An iconic cover is repeated, this time with Boruto.

Naruto and Sasuke They have maintained an intense rivalry only comparable with Goku and Vegeta (Dragon Ball). Naruto’s goal has always been the same: to become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. But his greatest rival would not make it easy for him. Both have starred in some of the most epic scenes in the series and now it’s Boruto’s turn. The Naruto manga ended in 2014 and the ninja’s son took over after a couple of years off. The latest issue of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has done a cool nod to Sasuke.

V-Jump magazine published the last chapter of the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the most read series after One Piece on platforms like MangaPlus. and surprised with a very nostalgic cover that only Naruto fans will remember. The image on this promotional poster compares to Boruto y Kawaki with the rivalry that Naruto had with Sasuke for a long time. It is a nod to one of the most iconic covers that was made on Naruto, where both ninjas have a similar pose, as pointed out by the user Bonamize on his Twitter profile.

Naruto and Boruto: from parents to children

As you can see on these lines, the poster refers to Naruto and Sasuke cover faced at a key moment in their rivalry. This has a lot of symbolism among the followers, since it can anticipate how this conflict will be resolved. However, the series has surprised by putting Kawaki as a possible successor to Naruto. Following in his father’s footsteps, Boruto will now face those same sensations, where he will have to take decisions for the future.

How do you think it will end? Rivalry between Boruto and Kawaki? The manga is anticipating some events between these characters in a story really promising. In any case, the series is not perfect and Boruto continues with a terrible mistake of Naruto.

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