Naruto Writer Teases Boruto’s New Anime Arc

Naruto made headlines last week, and we have the Boruto manga to thank. If you didn’t know, the show released one of its craziest updates last week, and now the anime is working overtime to keep fans on its side. That’s why the show just kicked off a new arc, and the writer behind it Boruto: Naruto Next Generations opens with the story.

As you can now, Honda Masaya is the author of most of the Borutothe episodes. Not too long ago, he took to Twitter to thank fans for their recent support, and that’s where Masaya teased the core questions behind his latest arc.

“Can Bolt and his friends survive their first battlefield on their own? Don’t miss it”, Masaya share before Episode 233 went live. And after the episode ended, the writer revisited Twitter to share the following:

“Thank you for watching BORUTO Episode 233. We would like to gradually expand the appeal of Kawaki, who has joined Team 7. Throughout this war, Boruto and his friends will experience many encounters and partings. Please enjoy their journey until the end!”

As you can see, this new Boruto arc is all about Team 7 and their new roster. Kawaki has turned the group into a four-man squad, and that will no doubt complicate the dynamic within Team 7. It’s up to Boruto to handle these changes with the fans, and if things aren’t smoothed out, then problems loom on the horizon. for Naruto’s protections.

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